BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 12, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksDo you feel that Rs 60/litre for petrol is costly? Think again as countries like Turkey, Eritrea and others charge Rs 120/litre for petrol. Feeling a bit happy now? There are more happy news coming on your way today. Stay tuned and keep our blog open in a tab as there is something big coming for you.

  • Who Rahul Rawal
    What : The window with a broken pane…. – Part 1
    Tangy : Rahul writes a fiction story which will definitely give you goose bumps! An amazing write up which won’t let you guess what’s ahead. Have a read and hook around his blog for Part 2.

  • Who : Chrony
    What : Letter to my Dad
    Tangy : We all know the kind of relationship a mother shares with her kids and vice versa. But this time you’ll know how a son feels for his dad. A truly heart touching letter from Prason to his dad on his 59th birthday. What special gift could he get! A very Happy Birthday to your dad Prason. 🙂

  • Who : Anita Menon
    What : The Date to Remember
    Tangy : A girl goes on a long awaited first date. The evening is perfect and so is the guy with dimples. 🙂 What do you expect to happen in the end? Read Anita’s post to figure out if you are running parallel to her thoughts

  • Who : Meghana
    What : The corruption news you are relying upon is sponsored by another corrupt politician
    Tangy : Every person who votes in India needs to read this post. Don’t get influenced by the big banners and hype about a particular party in the media. Most of it is paid news, a concept you must know about through Meghna’s post. Thank you Meghna for raising such an important discussion.

  • Who Sulagna
    What : Love and other disasters
    Tangy : Stop finding faults, give up complaining. Just think how lucky you are, that you have someone to fight or complain to. A lot of us don’t. Such a true thought Sulanga. 🙂 If you have someone whom you love, value them for what they are. There are many who are void of love.

  • Who : Fire Crystals
    What : Is Arranged Marriage a Good Thing
    Tangy : Do you think in today’s age where everything has majorly changed from the past, arranged marriage is still a safer thing to opt for? There are many discussions, views and perceptions on this, some correct, practical or some completely based on old value systems. What do you feel about the girl in this post?

  • Who : Apana Talks
    What : Sorry I Don’t Dance… Not Sorry I Do
    Tangy : Are you the one with two left feet? Well, this blogger will surely accompany you in dancing then. But the whole point is, you should dance like no one’s watching. Even if you have two left feet. 😛 Read on.

Posts from Indian Bloggers on Child Sexual Awareness Month:

Child Sexual Abuse, an inhuman act which is rising high. There are many misconceptions that people have in their mind regarding this. Most of the parents might think that their children cannot be the targeted, some others might think that it can only come to their children from a stranger, while rest of them see it as something which should be hidden under the carpet and not brought up. These misconceptions are doing nothing good but actually harming the children emotionally, mentally as well as physically. Their childhood is getting ruined.

If you can’t stop it, the least could do is to spread awareness, not only among children, but also among parents. You can do this with the help of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month which is started by few concerned ladies. Read what they have to share.

Also do read these Survivor Stories. Story 11, Story12.

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