How to Start a Blog Series?

Starting a blog series is a very effective way of retaining your readers and keeping the interest of the readers alive. There are many benefits to start a blog series. Instead of one large post, you can split that into multiple posts which will be good for your search engine presence. They also encourage visitors to come back often and they can participate in deeper discussions in a more comprehensive manner. When you start a blog series, keep in mind the following points:

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Get Free Membership to a Premium WordPress Themes Club

Free WordPress Themes

For all the bloggers who use wordpress, there is an interesting giveaway today.

Small Potato of has recently started a WordPress themes club. For $5 a year, there will be 12 themes given to members, new one every month. The quality of the themes are good and there are 4 themes available already. The club themes come without any copyright labels or links and you can use them on your blog or even your client’s sites. There’s more – you get support for these themes as well.

BlogAdda is giving away 100 (worth $5 each) Premium WordPress Themes Club Memberships for Free!

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7 ways for effective blogging and engaging readers

7 ways to make your blog engaging

Blogging! It seems to be the buzzword nowadays. Everybody who is somebody seems to have a blog – your own personal space on the internet. To write, to express ones thoughts on various issues and broadcast it to the world.

Now what makes a blog effective and interesting? What is it about some blogs that makes you keep coming back to it, makes you wish the writer would write more often? These are some basic rules which need to be kept in mind while writing :

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Personal Shoutbox for Everyone

First, a very happy new year to all the readers and members of BlogAdda. 2007 has been a fantastic year and we are sure 2008 will be even better.  We would like to thank you for your support and wish that it will continue as we keep on growing.

Today, we have added another feature for every registered user out here. We announce a shoutbox for everyone. To view yours, visit your profile page. To view the shoutbox of any user, click on his name. Go and post your shouts and make friends. Talk about things where you have common interests or develop some. Either ways, you will enjoy it. Let us know how you feel.

Add Multiple Blogs

Okay. This was the most asked feature by our users. And we told them to wait for a while. Well, the wait is over now. Starting today, we allow registered users to add more blogs in their account. To start with, we have a limit of 5 blogs per user. If you think you are managing more blogs, drop in a comment. We are interested in knowing bloggers who comfortably manage more than 5 blogs at a time and post regularly. We would love to feature them on BlogAdda.

To add more blogs, login and visit ‘My Account’. You might also like the way they are arranged in your account.