A multi-authored community blog, Mutiny, goes to print

The Indian thought terminus, Mutiny.in, has gone to print with more than four years of online presence. According to Sanjukta, one of the Mutineers, Mutiny’s online edition was started as a knee jerk reaction but to make it go print was a mighty decision.

She adds that it wasn’t an easy decision to make and the cynics posted a lot of questions. Why print? Falling in the same old money making business are you? Yet another political magazine? Who are your target audience? Why should anybody pay a price to read what they can get for free online?

She does not have all the answers but promises that Mutiny is not and will never be yet another clog in the wheel. Read the story of the Mutiny print edition here. If you have been reading Mutiny and like them, do subscribe to the print edition. For the subscribers, they are giving a chance to be the proud owner of an iPhone3G (16GB).

And while you are at the blog, do check out some captivating photographs by this Mutineer.

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  1. This is interesting. I guess this is the first time someone is doing this. I have not seen on newstands as yet. Is there a free first sample copy?

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