Interview With IdeaSmith of ‘The IdeaSmithy’

IdeaSmith is one of the popular  bloggers in Mumbai and the voice behind . A Chronic thinker who runs a battle of sexes blog at The XX factor. A Pakka Mumbaite who writes at Mumbai Metroblogging.

She loves writing and occasionally debates as well at Desicritics. ‘Anonymity was first a precaution, then a habit and now a whim. Indulge it’  in her own words says it all.  IdeaSmith has a lot of interesting things to say about blogging and her blog at Ideasmithy. Get ready to enter the mind of ‘The Chronic Thinker’…..


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Update on Mozilla Camp Delhi

Delhi’s First Unconference on Mozilla Firefox held on 10th Feb 2009 will always be cherished and remembered for it is the day when Delhi finally had it’s share of Mozilla Love, meeting Mozilla Stalwarts – Arun Ranganathan (Standards Evangelist) & Seth Bindernagel (Director, Localization) at Indian Social Insitute. MozillaCampDelhi saw adrenaline rushing atmosphere, right from the word go. Volunteers turned up early, helping out with all getting Video Testimonials done, to the initial hiccups.

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India’s First WordCamp at Delhi

Wordpress Camp IndiaDelhi Bloggers Bloc, on the occasion of their Fifth Anniversay are organising India’s first WordCamp alongwith Blog Design Studio. It is a  two-day conference which brings together stakeholders and audiences of social media and blogging, centered around WordPress. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress is joining us. So is Om Malik of GigaOm, a very popular blogger residing in the US.

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Interview with Vijay Anand of Proto

Vijay Anand, fondly referred to as ‘The Startup Guy’ has his blog at The Startup Guy. He is quite passionate about the startup ecosystem and is involved heavily in the creation of vibrant communities here in India.

He is the Founder of, the startup ecosystem body, and has been a driving force in being involved in community events such as Barcamp Chennai, Blogcamp, Wikicamp, Podworks, Open Coffee Club in Chennai and seeding such similar initiatives across the country. Read more about what Vijay Anand feels about blogging and the success of Proto.

Vijay Anand

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