Wellness: Optimization is the key!

Dr C H Asrani

Ranjan Das – President and Managing Director in India for SAP AG, died on 21st October, 2009. He was 41 years old and a fitness enthusiast.
Mark Hughes
– Chairman & Chief Executive Herbalife died on 21st May, 2000 at a young age of 44 yr. He was also a fitness enthusiast.
Dewang Mehta – Chief NASSCOM died of cardiac arrest on 13th April, 2001. He was a fit man with apparently no ailments.

Not to mention scores of young people, with promising careers, succumbing to sudden death, all across India and rest of the world. With most of them being, supposedly, taking good care of their health.

Wellness – the most mis-understood state! Read on….

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Ten essential Online Tools that every blogger should know


Web 2.0 can be defined as a second phase of internet revolution, which facilitates higher level of Communication and Information Sharing.

Web 2.0 allows its users to do more than retrieving data, most of the internet giants are relying more on it because it is a big money game and with this one-concept companies are being more creative to use the maximum of it and coming up different business models.

In this article you will find 10 Essential Online Tools that can bring great ease and glory to your Blogging Experience.

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Educating the poor is an investment in India’s future

India is a country with enormous potential, a GDP growth rate of 9% and two thirds of the population under 35, constituting a ready workforce.

Yet India lags behind many developing countries in the field of education, with only around 65% of the population literate and high instances of teacher absenteeism. While only 89% of students ever enter the school system, 34% have dropped out by the 5th standard, 45% by the 8th.


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Mom, Save Me!

Sukhdeep Singh

‘Mom Save Me’ – Is Someone Listening? This is the voice of a child who wants to see this world. The child who is getting scanned in an ultrasound centre for gender determination and won’t be surviving if not a boy. This is serious problem now and I am talking about female foeticide – one of many ill causes which exist in current evolving stage of human living.

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