Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 27, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaHello everyone, weekend is over and you all must be back with your mundane chores. It’s time to refresh and get back some energy. So, stop drooling, and get ready for a good read, cause it’s tangy time with Tuesday picks!Ā It’s time we get absorbed in the magic of words and refresh our mind, body and soul. The seven best picks from last week are here to serve you with some motivation, laughter andĀ information.Ā Read and tell us about yourĀ favourites, and if you wish to get a place here and be read by enthusiasticĀ readers,Ā submit your blog posts to us!

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10 One Pot Recipes For An Instant Meal

Life is busy for all. Everyone has a mundane schedule slogging through the dayĀ and many times cooking for the hungry tummy seems an ordeal. There are days when you would want food to get magically cooked like 2-minute noodles in a jiffy. One pot meals are the perfect saviours for such days. These quick meals are the best resort, as they end up with their delicious whiffs on your plateĀ inĀ no time. One Pot meals are not only easy and fast to cook but get an extra feather on their hat with theirĀ nutritional value.


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