Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 27, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaHello everyone, weekend is over and you all must be back with your mundane chores. It’s time to refresh and get back some energy. So, stop drooling, and get ready for a good read, cause it’s tangy time with Tuesday picks!¬†It’s time we get absorbed in the magic of words and refresh our mind, body and soul. The seven best picks from last week are here to serve you with some motivation, laughter and¬†information.¬†Read and tell us about your¬†favourites, and if you wish to get a place here and be read by enthusiastic¬†readers,¬†submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:¬†Preethi Venugopala
  • What:¬†“Estranged letters”
  • Tangy: The bond between parents and their child remains evergreen till eternity.¬†Life is uncertain and hardships are a¬†part and parcel of it. The support that acts as the oxygen in this bond is benevolent. Feeling dismayed can cause you distress, but overcoming the fear with the help of your life givers is like heaven on Earth. Cherishing this bond and it’s uniqueness, here’s Tina’s story.

  • Who: Pragun¬†
  • What: “Digital women”
  • Tangy: From being daddy’s princess to being superwoman, a woman plays an eminent role in the society. Right from the ancient times to this modern era, she has never failed to depict her strength and courage to overcome all the struggles and shine bright. In this digital era, she has been a quick learner and a pro in multi-tasking. Hats off to all the beautiful and strong ladies for being an enthusiastic learner and having a strong wit.

  • Who: Aparna George
  • What: Fitness: Make it a Choice
  • Tangy:¬†Training your body to be fit and fine is the most important¬†thing to do. Putting on your sport shoes and burning out some calories has never disappointed anyone. To get the perfect contours or have¬†a great muscular body calls for a healthy lifestyle. Exercising can be fun if you do not treat it is as task. Choice is yours, choose what suits you and motivates you to shake a few muscles! ¬†Nonetheless, your body, mind and soul deserve all the nourishment for a better living. Happy exercising !

  • Who: Kavya Janani
  • What:¬†“First Rays of Sun”
  • Tangy: A¬†story that blends music and painting, a love story of two childhood lovers, that ceased for a while, to turn into a beautiful masterpiece. Kavya has given us another¬†perfect story of two beautiful souls who were destined to be together. Beautifully crafted, this love story will surely make you believe that if you truly love someone with all your heart, God has the perfect time for you to be with that special one. Just keep believing in the power of love.

  • Who:Ramya Abhinand
  • What:¬†“Parenting Alone? It’s No Easy Job”
  • Tangy: For parents, a child is the apple of their eye. In this fast paced world, our lives keep evolving with plenty of growth opportunities. Sometimes a¬†couple has to live in different places, to embark upon the given opportunity for a better living. Here comes the tricky and most challenging part when you have a child, and only one parent is available to take care, and moms after all becomes the woman with super powers. Salute to all the mommies who handle their kids diligently all by themselves!

  • Who: Niyati S
  • What:¬†“Disturbia (A short story)”
  • Tangy: Confessions have never been an easy way out. To confess something, needs a great deal of courage. When you are stuck in a situation where you aren’t responsible for the mishap, you will have to face the consequences, even when they lead to bouts of confusion. The¬†volcano of thoughts and anxiety sets you to think how playful human mind can be.

  • Who: Shreya
  • What:¬†“Of Mumbai Rickshaws and a Few Good Men”
  • Tangy: Mumbai, also known to be¬†the city of dreams, has¬†people travelling from one place to another using the most eminent lifeline of transport, the Mumbai Autorickshaws. They sometimes come to rescue or can also be the most difficult to catch. Shreya shares her travel experience with this somewhere moody lifeline that keeps Mumbai moving all the time.

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