MLSC brings you the most awaited hackathon of the year, Makeathon 5.0

Microsoft Learn Student Chapter, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, believes that students who are exposed to the right technology have the power to alter how they view the technical fundamentals of the world. Through various events held over the years, MLSC has contributed relatively to this field. MLSC’s main event, MAKEATHON, distinguishes out among all the activities that have flourished under its umbrella.

MLSC brings you the most awaited hackathon of the year, Makeathon 5.0

MAKEATHON, which is currently enjoying its fifth year of existence, has established itself as the most cutting-edge hackathon in North India. MAKEATHON is unquestionably one of TIET’s most known hackathons. Furthermore, the fourth edition of MLSC’s renowned hackathon, MAKEATHON 4.0, was the first MLH-sponsored event at TIET. And so, MAKEATHON is back this year, preserving its unbreakable tradition.

Like every year, MAKEATHON 5 offers challenges to pique students’ technological curiosity and lead them on an original adventure. The goal of MAKEATHON 5 is to gather the best and brightest young developers in India under one roof. Teams of students work together while exercising their imaginative and creative thinking. The difficulties test their resolve and enable them to create a functional prototype of a ground-breaking initiative to address several serious problems plaguing our society. The participants are given various problem statements to choose from under specific tracks. The objective is to develop India as a significant global leader in wealth, health, and technology and to present a picture of a technologically sound and advanced India.

In addition, a bootcamp will be held before the hackathon. A week before the students’ 24-hour journey starts, the bootcamp gives them an idea of handling problems under experienced professionals’ direction. Speakers from various technology domains will share their knowledge and experience with the students, which can help the students transform their ideas into reality.

With past turnouts of 2500+ and an anticipated 3000+ this year, MAKEATHON 5 aims to provide a robust platform for aspiring developers and encourage a significant number of enthusiastic participants. With registrations underway, MLSC invites students from all parts of India to participate in this eagerly anticipated competition.

To register, follow this link and begin your MAKEATHON journey:

MAKEATHON 5 marks the fifth consecutive hackathon organised by the Microsoft Student Learn Chapter at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. MLSC is an eminent technical society with like-minded and driven individuals striving to create a community of versatile enthusiasts and motivate its students to refine their critical thinking, coding, and soft skills.

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