Equinox – Conclave Of Cultures – IIIT Lucknow

The team of Equinox ’23 are bringing back tremendous glory and unforgettable youthful vibes through the annual techno-cultural fest of IIIT Lucknow. They are bringing in the best-ever version of Equinox’s fourth edition with its bewildering theme “Conclave of Cultures” which is scheduled to be on 17th – 18th February, 2023 at IIIT Lucknow.

Equinox 2023 - Conclave Of Cultures - IIIT Lucknow

As we all know, India is known for its rich culture, and where everyone gets a chance to witness that on the campus of IIIT Lucknow. Not only do the participants get to put their minds to work through the application of knowledge, teamwork, and collaborative learning they also get to take part and rejoice in the varied cultural events. Equinox is a three-day event featuring various technical and cultural events. People from all over the world can explore the various events, know what excites them, learn, and have the time of their life here in Equinox ‘23.

Equinox ’22 had 30K+ registrations and astounding participation of over 25k students from over 20+ nations across the world and a huge audience of over 125k. This year, they are determined to push their boundaries by organizing a variety of events for their participants.

The most exciting technical events at Equinox feature coding challenges, amazing workshops, and a celebration of technology and innovation.

Appophilia: A 6-12 hr mobile dev event for unique UI/API integration, showcasing skills, and creativity.

CSS Battle: A 3-round online competition to showcase CSS skills, eliminate participants and crown the victor.

API Drops: A competition using unusual APIs, encouraging creativity and experimentation. Incognito CTF 4.0: A 36 hr international CTF event testing cybersecurity skills from all major categories.

Kaggle Competition: An online competition organized on the Kaggle platform to enhance the participants’ skills in machine learning and data science.

Axelrod Duels: A fun competition where participants use their Python programming skills to build a winning strategy to outsmart their opponents.

Linux Ricing: An event, where personalized and visually appealing desktop environments are judged and rated.

Spec UI: An event where participants design user interfaces for mobile applications or websites based on specific requirements.

Equinox also hosts a wide range of cultural events spanning throughout the time of a whopping 2 months. The fest reflects nothing but a blend of culture and tech. The cultural events range from literary competitions like Lit-a-thon, and Qurbat, artistic events like Veethika, Mandala Art, Wishlist, Comic Drawing, Cover Art, Tattoo Painting, Best out of Waste, Digital art, etc., music duels like Octaves, amazing dance battles like Nrityang, along with dramatic events like Navras and Ink n quill, and photography events like Pixel Chronicles and Darpan. Apart from these fun events like Jam night, prom night, blind date, etc captured the hearts of every single participant.

They are going to have tremendous participation from around 25,000+ students from various colleges across the country. These mega events will be witnessed via websites, billboards, media partners, Android applications, and various social media platforms. The Equinox family is going to focus on gathering a pool of varied participants with a peculiar interest in top-tier institutes from all over the globe.

For more information, visit: https://equinox.iiitl.ac.in

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