Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 8, 2021

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Weekly Reading List - Tangy Tuesday Picks - June 8, 2021

Who: Sharon D’souza 
What: Friends Show Decor 
Why: The popular sitcom Friends reunion aired 2 weeks ago and fans flood the internet with memes. If you are a fan of this show and decor give this blogpost by Sharon a read. Get your hands on some cool decor elements from the set. 

Who: Ayusriv 
What: World Brain Tumour Day 
Why: Today, 8th June, marks World Brain Tumour Day. Some people are not aware of the symptoms, treatment, and precautions. What better day to spread awareness? Bookmark or share this with your friends and loved ones.  

Who: Jenifer Sayyed  
What: Foods To Avoid If You Have A Kidney Stone 
Why: Kidney stone pain can be unbearable, but your diet can have a major impact on stone formation. If youre trying to avoid forming stones, here are some tips shared by Jenifer. 

Who: Mandira Dubey
What: What 7 Years Of Motherhood Has Taught Me 
Why: Becoming a mother makes you feel joyful, elated, empowered, and invincible. Read this heartwarming journey of motherhood by Mandira. 

Who: Raksha Kamat
What: Moong Dosa Recipe
Why: ‘Moong Dosa’ also known as ‘Pesarattu Dosa’ is a popular dosa recipe from Andhra cuisine. A perfect healthy breakfast while you are on a weight loss diet. Check out this recipe shared by Raksha.

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