Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 1st, 2021

Monday morning blues have finally said goodbye and we look forward to a fresh and drizzling June. The cloudy sky, rain pouring on green plants, and damp roads make for a good view from a window. A good blog post to read on a rainy day is equal to having hot chocolate during winter. All you have to do now is get comfy, grab your snacks, and a phone/tablet in your hand to enjoy this week’s Tangy Picks.

Rainy Day Reading

Who: Deepali Sood
What: How To Teach Toddlers To Write While Homeschooling
Why: Are your kids having fun writing? Or you have to work around some tricks to teach them? Deepali has shared some best tips in this blogpost. Give it a read.

Who: Mayuri Nidigallu
What: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Why: ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ song made bedtime even more fun for hundreds of children. Read this beautiful journey shared by Mayuri and her path to peace.

Who: Paresh Godhwani
What: 5 Simple Financial Tips To Survive Covid Strain
Why: The impacts of the Covid pandemic wont go away anytime soon. When you are going through times of uncertainty and fear, one of the last things you want to worry about is finances. Follow these simple 5 tips shared by Paresh to avoid adding unnecessary strain.

Who: Aishwarya Sandeep
What: I Don’t Want My Child To Be Like Me
Why: Parents want the best for their children. They want their children to have better lives than the lives they have. Hop onto this blogpost by Aishwarya and read her thoughts for the same.

Who: Amrit Kaur
What: Besan Bread Toast Vegan Recipe
Why: Healthy breakfast/snacks are a great way to give the body the refueling it needs. Amrit shared her secret of making a yum besan bread toast. Check out this blogpost for the recipe.

Who: Rebecca Lake
What: Experiential Learning is the Key to Financial Literacy
Why: Teaching financial literacy to children is essential to future success. Check out the research by Rebecca Lake to find out why.

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