Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 6, 2021

The second wave of COVID-19. New lockdown guidelines. Elections – a lot of issues the government is handling right now. Bloggers are writing and sharing their views on their blogs for the same. With a lot to write about other than these issues, we have picked the best blogposts for you to read this week. Here are April’s first Tangy Tuesday Picks.

Best Blogposts To Read - Tangy Tuesday Picks

Who: Sabiha Gulrays
What: Benefits Of Telecommuting
Why: With the still-looming threat of COVID-19, telecommuting has become a must for anyone in an industry whose parameters allow for it. Conversations that may have happened in the employee lounge area are now happening over Slack. Blogger Sabiha has shared some benefits, go ahead and read it.

Who: Judy Morris
What: Quirky Facts About Manali
Why: If Manali is your favourite holiday destination or you are planning to head to the place anytime soon then here are some quirky facts about the hill station. Hop on to Judy’s blogpost to know more.

Who: Sharon D’souza
What: Areas Where A Home Stylist Can Help You
Why: Ever wonder how interior design magazines make their images so captivating? It’s an interior stylist behind the scenes. You can hire an Interior Stylist for yourself as well. Head over to this informative blogpost by Blogger Sharon.

Who: Deepali Sood
What: Best Cartoon For Kids
Why: The right content of cartoons can have a positive effect on a child’s emotional, mental, and cognitive development. Blogger Deepali has shared some best cartoons which are educational as well as fun for your kids.

Who: Raksha Kamat  
What: Lauki Halwa 
Why: Have you tried Lauki Halwa before? If not you should it will surprise you with its taste. Check out Blogger Raksha’s blogpost for a yummy pudding packed with nutrition

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