Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 27, 2021

Hello Bloggers!

Hope you are enjoying the last weekend of February. From the rise of new covid cases in Maharashtra to an increase in petrol price, it’s been a little stressful week for all of us. Well, but then it is the weekend! Time to unwind. To calm your mind and take you far away from all this chaos, we bring to you handpicked blogposts for you to enjoy your weekend reading time peacefully.


Who: Kiran Acharya
What: Losing The Herd
Why: Given this Covid-19 situation, we have realized the importance of protecting our community and herd immunity. What happens if one of us does not take any precautions? Take a look at this blogpost that reflects on losing the herd.

Who: Karthik Murali
What: Places To Visit In Tanjore
Why: South India is well known for its pretty temples. Tanjore, Tamil Nadu is a historic city and looks exciting to experience. Blogger Karthik shared with us detailed places to visit and what other things we can do.

Who: Tulika Singh
What: Growing Up Together
Why: Parenting is the art of raising a child. As you get used to being a parent, you will learn new every day and grow as a parent along with your child. Hop on to Tulika’s blog to know what lessons she learned from her kids.

Who: Marie Miguel
What: How To Increase Your Motivation During Times Of Stress
Why: How often do you find yourself losing motivation? It’s difficult to stay motivated especially when you are stressed. This blogpost written by Marie, one of the contributors, covers every tip you need.

Who: Rakhi Jayashankar
What: Sunset Poem
Why: Women are like the sun in the solar system, radiating energy that affects everyone around them. This beautiful poem written by Blogger Rakhi will amaze you. Do check it out!

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