Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 2, 2021

Hello bloggers!

March is here, we’re in chapter 3 of 12 already. Summers are fast approaching and the weather calls for refreshing tangy drinks. Since we can’t serve you drinks, we intend to keep your body and mind cool by serving you some of the best tangy blog posts from Indian bloggers. So sit back and relax!

Best blogposts from Indian Bloggers

Who: Arti
What: Is Travelling By Indian Railways Post Covid-19 Safe?
Why: Life in a post-coronavirus world is making you think whether traveling is safe or not? It is safe but its imperative to understand the measures one should adopt to have a safe journey. Hop on to this blogpost to know more.

Who: Saba Ladha
What: SEO For Small Business
Why: Even for small businesses with a local customer base, online visibility is essential. Blogger Saba shared with us some useful tips, go ahead and learn.

Who: Raksha Kamat
What: Colostrum Milk Pudding Recipe
Why: Colostrum is loaded with nutrients that fight disease and promote growth, it also makes the immune system stronger, treats infections, and offers more related benefits in humans throughout life. Check out Blogger Raksha’s blog for this Goan traditional ‘kharwas’ recipe.

Who: Amrit Kaur
What: New Guidelines for Indian Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, and YouTubers
Why: In the age of technology the social media bloggers or influencers hold the best cards and have the most power. To create positive change and make sure the correct type of information is being shared. This detailed blogpost written by Amrit will help you understand and follow the new guidelines shared by ASCI.

Who: Kavita Singh
What: How To Handle Clients Who Dont Pay On Time
Why: Small businesses and freelancers are likely to deal with late-paying clients at some point during their careers. Not sure how to handle a specific client who doesn’t pay on time? Take a look at this blogpost.

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