Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 23, 2021

Hello bloggers!

2021 is here. Well, yes. Over 50 days now! To start this year with a positive mindset, what better way to welcome it by reading some wonderful blog posts by Indian bloggers. We are back with our weekly edition of Tangy Picks from Indian bloggers. This week, we have the following interesting blog posts for you.

Best blogposts from Indian Bloggers

Who: Keyur Seta
What: 1st Encounter With Internet
Why: From the time it first came into existence until now the internet has completed a long journey. Keyur writes about the first time he found the Internet. Go ahead and enjoy this interesting story.

Who: Kalpana Riyar
What: How Online Classes Affected Children During Covid-19
Why: Under the dark shadow of Covid-19, the shutdown of schools affected more than 1.5 billion children. Many of these children are now taking online classes as well as socializing more. Hop on to Kalpana’s blog to know more about this issue.

Who: Sharon D’Souza
What: Decor Trends 2021
Why: This blogpost by Blogger Sharon is filled with decor ideas from classic furniture to your ideal WFH workspace, and helping you keep up with the trends of 2021. A good read for all the decor lovers out there 🙂

Who: Roshan Radhakrishnan
What: Leprosy Awareness
Why: Leprosy is one of the worlds most stigmatized diseases, and people living with leprosy-related disabilities in many countries are shunned, denied basic human rights, and discriminated against. Read on to know how you can help to spread the word.

Who: Sabiha Gulrays
What: 3 Tips For Your Anxiety
Why: Need to ease feelings of worry and panic? Here’s a blogpost to help you cope with it. Blogger Sabiha shared with us some tips and her experience dealing with her anxieties.

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