SON-day Winners Announced

Hello. Thank you for the wonderful response for Ariel India’s Sons #ShareTheLoad Movement. It was fun giving new tasks every Sunday and the participants living up and sharing blogposts and social updates for the same. Your participation helps in letting more people know about the movement and makes us happy to see your support for the same.

Ariel SONday Winners Allowed

For all the early bird winners, do check your inbox for your vouchers. We will send to all 60 in a couple of days. Some of them posted updates on social for all four tasks and a few of those will also receive our mail for prizes.

Here are the winners.

Grand Prize Winner (Washing Machine)
Anamika Debnath

20 Winners (Ariel Supply)
Prince Patni
Abhinav Sood
Zeenat Khan
Saba Ladha
Ragini Dhiman
Anuradha Mahesh
Aishwariya Sandeep
Anamika Debnath
Rahul Yuvi
Ayushi Khare
Deepika Muthusamy
Sarath Babu
Rashi Roy
Ann Geo
Ila Verma
Abhilasha Jaiswal
Silja Nair
Yogita Joshi

20 Winners (5/task – Ariel #ShareTheLoad Hamper)
Task 1
Yogita Joshi
Sushmita Biswas
Surbhi Mahobia
Kalpana Riyar

Task 2
Yogita Joshi
Priyanka Agarwal
Manas Mukul
Kalpana Riyar

Task 3
Sushmita Biswa
Pragun Tatwa
Ritu Kalra
Leela Gadde

Task 4
Sushmita Biswas
Pragun Tatwa
Abhilasha Jaiswal

Congratulations to all the winners! Do check your emails for further instructions on the prizes shipment. Big thank you to all participants and do continue to #ShareTheLoad.

6 Replies to “SON-day Winners Announced”

  1. I won, hurray!
    Loads of congratulations to all the winners.
    The hamper is awesome, loved it. Thank you blogadda and ariel!

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