Atharv 2019 – IIM Indore, Management And Cultural Fest

Conceived in 2014, Atharv has consistently been the largest cultural, management and literary fest in all of Central India. That is, five consecutive years of Atharv providing once in a life time opportunities and experiences to both, participants and the IPM fraternity alike. Atharv 2019 is back yet again, with a promise that they are going to be even more.

Atharv 2019 - IIM Indore, Management And Cultural Fest

With each new edition, Atharv has strived to be bigger than ever before. They have had A-list Bollywood singers like Arjun Kanungo enchant on Live Music Nights. Atharv have gotten our bones tickled by the pioneers of the Indian Comedy Scene, like Zakir Khan, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Rahul Subaramanian and Sapan Verma. To add to all of the fun and fervour, artists from Vh1 Supersonic and Sunburn has rocked the EDM Nights.

The theme for this year is “Order in Chaos.” Atharv believes that they are the united voice of art forms, a voice that knows no bounds and definitions. It is order in chaos, it forms the platform that accommodates seemingly unrelated elements that eventually draw into the stream of contemporary expression.

Atharv has a place for everyone, whether you are a management-junkie or a cultural performer. With events like Avant Garde (B-Plan competition), where the winner takes 80,000 in cash, a platform is provided on which one can build the foundation of the journey as an entrepreneur. In addition to that, there is B-quiz (Pragnya), HR and marketing events like Headhunter and Vendition Vendetta, Finopoly, the Finance Event, Chaitanya, the leadership event, and Devil’s Advocate, the mock trial. One can also participate in E-Conjecture, the economics events and Imperium, the Business Strategy Event.

Still in school? No worries, you don’t have to wait for college to experience the zest of Atharv. They have the Pi Quiz, where they look for the geniuses of the country, exclusively for students of classes IX-XII. But hey, some might be thinking that Atharv is all about management and is a fest for geeks. You might have to reconsider that after you know that there are ten cultural events, ranging from music and dance to gaming. Bailar (Solo/Duet) and Verve (Group) are events where you can dance your heart out. Participate in Crescendo (Acoustic) and Delirium (Battle of Bands) if you are all about music. There are events for photography and film-making, namely ISO and Vignette. In addition to all of this, there is Permadeath, the LAN Gaming Event, Clash of Cults, the pop culture quiz, and HallaBol, the Street Play Event. Lastly, the show-stopper, Vanity, where you get to walk the ramp and show the world your potential.

On top of all of this, they have their flagship event, the Inter Varsity Debate, which is a British Parliamentary Style Debate. Here, you get to test your wits and words, as you engage in a war to defend your stance.

Register today for Atharv at and get a chance to win exciting cash prizes and the exposure you can’t get anywhere else at an undergraduate level.

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