WOW: What If?

Happy Dussehra. Let’s celebrate the victory of good over evil. Shekhar Kapur in his recent tweet said, “Within you lies Ravan. Within you lies Ram. The arrow you fire too is within you. The effigy you burn is that of your own ego. The Ego that makes you arrogant violent and limited. Allowing you to release that which is creative beautiful and limitless in you #HappyDussehra

What If? - WOW

Everyone interprets festivals in a way they most understand. We pray that it brings in joy and happiness to everyone. How do you relate to festivals?

So many times we wonder, what if the festivals and happy moments don’t end at all and they continue forever. What if there is only laughter around and never a dull moment? What if there is no death and you get to choose people whom you want to be with, always? What if everyone speaks truth and there are no restrictions on eating without worries of bad health? 🙂

For this edition of WOW, we invite you to write about, “What if?“. What’s your story? How do you interpret things and wonder what if? Do let us know why you are wishing such.

You’ve time till Sunday midnight to share your post and win a chance to proudly display the WOW badge on your blog. We wish you a super start to a joyous festive season.

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