Celesta 2018 – Techno-Management Fest Of IIT Patna

Celesta is the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Patna. It is organised to promote technical and managerial enthusiasm amongst young and bright minds of our nation and to provide a platform to transform their innovative ideas into a meaningful reality. Celesta, is back with a bang bigger and louder than ever, in all it’s glory and an all new uber fantastic form, “Celesta Remastered”.

Celesta 2018 - Techno-Management Fest Of IIT Patna

Celesta, leaving no stone unturned, has it’s skyline unfurled into a plethora of events, be it, treasure hunts, coding, build it, robotics, gaming, quizzes, what not. The flagship events of Celesta includes: Intellectual robots fighting for the win in all three wings of nature in “Robowars”, “Aquasoccer” and “Drones”, mindboggling discussions on issues of global importance in “Parliamentary Debate” that is based on US Legislature, a never-seen-before exposure to everything related to Astronomy and Particle Physics, including a live telescope observation (now that is something you don’t get to do often) and many more, in “Astro-Particle Voyage”, the mind-bending and nerve-racking 51 hours, in the online crypt hunt NJATH, where everything is right in front of your eyes, yet completely hidden, and of course the extremely fun treasure hunt Static Rush.

The exciting pre and post Celesta events only make it all the worth to wait for. Guest lectures from eminent personalities from all around the world, workshops conducted by revered dignitaries, the super ebullient pro-nites, are just a few of the exhilarating events that Celesta offers.

Celesta, the highly anticipated and much-awaited Techno-management fest of IIT Patna, seems to live up to the high expectations and has been exponentially increasing it’s standards manifolds with it’s every passing edition. With participation from various renowned colleges and schools not only in Patna, Celesta has it’s reach spreading to cities as far as Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Varanasi, Dhanbad, to name a few. Celesta is also the proud organizer of events like NJATH that have witnessed international participation. Celesta has always made sure to make it’s presence felt to the online family consisting of thousands of people from all spheres of the world.

A highly diligent and dedicated team works all around the year to maintain the colossal grandeur that Celesta owns, led by the energetic Fest Coordinator who makes sure everything is up to the mark.

As far as the question why to come to Celesta Remastered, the highlight events, display of grandeur and overall the feeling that Celesta embodies in each and every individual who becomes a part. And well, all the events witness an overhaul, so, new concepts would be observed, which are seen never before, which makes it unique.

Celesta, in all it’s splendour and magnificence, awaits your arrival, with a gamut of unforgettable memories and indelible experienced in store for you. So come to Celesta Remastered and #get_techXited.

For more details, visit https://celesta.org.in/

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