Aavishkar – Tech Fest – NIT Durgapur

Mark your calendars from 1st – 4th November, 2018 as NIT Durgapur brings to you the second edition of one of the most awaited technical fests in all of Eastern India, Aavishkar. This time around, Aavishkar is bound to cater to all the video game junkies out there as the theme of the fest is gaming.

Aavishkar - Tech Fest - NIT Durgapur

Having hosted 6000 students and been sponsored by NOKIA in its previous edition, this fest is the perfect amalgamation of fun and tech. With innumerable events in a plethora of fields ranging from robotics, cryptology and aptitude to open source technology and hackathons, you will find something that will entice your brain and spirit. Aavishkar is also one of the first fests that has digital currency, made by their very own core committee members, called Eurekoins which are housed on the Aavishkar mobile app and can be used by the students to avail advantages in certain events, coupons and goodies.

To celebrate the true spirit of technology, which is only through sharing and learning, Aavishkar also organizes workshops on the emerging and trending technologies and hosts Ignitia. Ignitia is a keynote speech event where reputed intelligentsia from different spheres of technology share their success stories and also partake in edifying interactive sessions with the students. This time around, personalities like Vikas Malpani, co-founder of CommonFloor, and Rajendran Dandapani, Director of Engineering at ZohoCorp, to name a few.

Amidst the erudition, competition and a thriving learning environment, the fest does not forget to add the elements of fun and exuberance. All throughout the duration of the fest, fun events like human foosball, overnight gaming competitions for games like PUBG, etc. and a variety of other quirky and exhilarating events. To add to that, the grand and entertaining opening and closing ceremony with myriad serenading performances, along with dance and musical acts. So gear up and get ready to revel in transcendent technology, brain wracking thrill and riveting performances that Aavishkar has to bring to you.

For more details, check out
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/aavishkar.nitd/
Web – https://avskr.in/

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