Tangy Tuesday Picks- 19th September, 2017

Hello bloggers! It’s mid-week and you must be submerged neck-deep in work! handpicked indian blogs readGive yourself a break with this week’s Tangy Tuesday edition of mind-blowing, smile-provoking, stress-relieving photographs from Indian photo-bloggers.

Who: Deepak Acharya
What: Let me catch a fish
Tangy: A wordless post with only a picture of a woman perched on a solitary rock in the middle of a water body. She’s angling her fishing rod patiently in hope of a catch of two. The photo only depicts peace, serenity and nothing else!

Who: Joshi Daniel
What: Kathakali artist Nelliyode Vasudevan Namboodiri
Tangy: How do you tell if a person is passionate about his art or not? You don’t need to, it just shows. Just like the animated expressions on the face of veteran Kathakali artist Nelliyode Vasudevan Namboodiri depict his love for the dance form.

Who: Rupam Sarma
What: Goddess Durga idols in the making
Tangy: Festivals and the excitement they bring is uncomparable. Durga puja is around the corner and as everyone is readying their home to welcome the Goddess, photographer Rupan captured the idol being sculpted for worship in Assam.

Who: Om Malik
What: Steve Jobs Theater
Tangy: Steve Jobs theater has opened for public and there has been quite some hype surrounding it. Om Malik, captures some pictures of the awe-inspiring structure. Check out his blog to see more.

Who: D. Nambiar
What: Sights from ‘el Sur grande’ or the Big Sur
Tangy: Here are some pictures offering a majestic view of the Monterey Bay area, the jagged coastline and the highway route that meanders through the cliffs. Blogger Nambiar also gives some information on how to traverse through the area to get the best view as you drive.

Who: Kaustubh Joshi
What: Photogenic! Yeah
Tangy: When you thought only humans could be photogenic, this furry animal with those questioning eyes proves you wrong. Photo blogger Kaustubh Joshi tells us why he thought it was totally worthy his time and his lens.

Who: Gaurav D.
What: The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest
Tangy: Has the ocean and its mysteries intrigued you? Blogger Gaurav puts together the best photographs of 2017 captured under water. Right from a lionfish to a scuba diver’s adventure, the list has it all.

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