Spicy Saturday Picks- 16th September, 2017

Hello bloggers! Hope you are having a happy Saturday! spicy saturday blogs indiaHere is a list of blog posts on gardening full of lovely pictures of plants and flowers to make your Saturday more cheerful!

Who: Ajeet Kumar Sharma
What: Weekly updates
Spicy: One thing that gardening teaches us is immense patience. Sometimes a seed you’ve sown or sapling you’ve planted a year back may take months to flower. Blogger Ajeet shows the buds that have emerged on the gladiolus stick he planted last year. The excitement in seeing your efforts pay off is unparalleled. Take a look at the blooms on his blog.

Who: Pattu
What: Item off the bucket list
Spicy: The feeling of losing a plant you have loved and cared about is horrible. And when someone you know offers you a branch or two from their own harvest it gives you a chance to regrow that favourite plant! Blogger Pattu visited fellow gardener Suneetha’s place to pick up her ivy gourd plantings and was pleasantly surprised with the bountiful greens there. Take a virtual walk with Patty around Suneetha’s garden on her blog.

Who: Prasad NP
What: Easy care indoor plants that will not die
Spicy: If you’re a frequent traveler but wish to have a blooming garden at home, you will often find yourself in a dilemma over leaving your plants unattended for long. Fret not, here is a list of indoor plants that are easy to care for and can survive without much fussing over. Read more on Prasad’s blog.

Who: Dr. Amrita Basu
What: Thursday Tree Love: Balcony garden ideas in India
Spicy: All of us love waking up to breathtaking views out of the window each morning. However, if you aren’t that lucky, you can make your own splendid view with plants. Blogger Amrita hoped for greenery in the barren balcony of house opposite hers and was pleasantly surprised to see it turn into a lovely green space over time. Read her post to know more.

Who: Rizwana Mundewadi
What: Growing Mogra, Chameli from Cuttings
Spicy: Want a flowering garden but don’t know where to start. Here are tips to grow fragrant beauties like jai, juhi and mogra from the Garden Care Simplified blog by Rizwana. Check out the detailed post complete with steps and accompanying pictures that will inspire you to bring those blooms home right away.

Who: Jeevan Kumar
What: Touch me not
Spicy: All beautiful things in nature inspire us to be creative. When a plant inspires poetry, it’s purpose is served! Blogger Jeevan composes a haiku based on the popular yet shy ‘touch me not’ plant. Hop on to his blog to read it.

Who: Amrit Sinha
What: The sapling
Spicy: Lastly, not from a gardening blog but a poem that all gardeners can relate to. When you care for something with all your heart, you get attached to it. Only a gardener can feel for the little sapling he tended to once but is now about to die. Read the entire poem on blogger Amrit’s blog.

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