Spicy Saturday Picks- 9th September, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! We all know that the human mind is no less than a miracle. spicy saturday blogs indiaIt is capable of moving mountains and even building walls if it wills to do so. In this week’s edition, we put together posts where bloggers have written about their mind and the power it possesses on them.

Who: Shilpa Gupte
What: Hero
Spicy: In times of distress, we all need a hero to rescue us. But very rarely do we see the hero within us that helps us fight against all odds and stay strong. Shilpa, in her post tells us that her biggest revelation was that she was her own hero! Read more on her blog.

Who: Ashwini CN 
What: How strong is your willpower?
Spicy: Our strength is often measured by our physical capabilities. But more often than not, it is our willpower that really determines our strength. Ashwini has taken up a personal challenge and wants to see how far she goes. Will her body give up before her mind does? Hop on to her blog to know more.

Who: Sapna Dhyani
What: What is holding you back? Just say it!
Spicy: There are situations where we want to say a lot of things but find ourselves tongue-tied when the time comes. Be it compliments or confrontations, what is the point in holding it back and regretting later? Sapna in her post suggests it is better not to play mind games and just be candid!

Who: Kavita Panyam 
What: How to identify a negative pattern, break it and claim your power back?
Spicy: Do you find yourself caught in a web of repetitive situations that bog you down? Kavita, a counselling psychologist writes that it is important to first identify the pattern. This is the first step to overcome it. Breaking this pattern is also crucial, find out how you can help yourself, on her blog.

Who:  Sankalp Singh
What: 7 Natural Depression Treatments; Steps which I tried to overcome depression 
Spicy: Mental illness is real and depression, if not treated, can take you into a downward spiral.  After suffering from depression himself, Sankalp has written a list of treatments he highly recommends for anyone who is going through a similar condition. Don’t forget to read his tips that may help you or a loved one suffering from depression.

Who: Ekta Shah
What: The only soulmate in my life
Spicy: Having a soulmate is necessary. But what if your soulmate is not a person, or not even something tangible? Ekta says that her soulmate, ever since she has discovered it, is spirituality. When life throws tough questions, she doesn’t turn to someone else but searches within for answers. Read her blog to know more.

Who: Shaloo
What: Learn to unlearn
Spicy: We are all students of life and the varied experiences it gives us is our teacher. But as we learn from this unforgiving teacher, it is also important to unlearn. Make room for the new and give your hungry mind more food for thought, says Shaloo. Find out more on her blog.

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