Tangy Tuesday Picks – 12th September, 2017

Hello bloggers! handpicked indian blogs readIn this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks, we bring to you the best blogs on cars, bikes and automobiles from the Indian blog world. So here we go, Vroooom!

Who: Syed Shahnawaz Karim
What: Interview with Rally Racer- Shardul Sharma
Tangy: We start with an adrenaline-packed, inspiring interview of Shardul Sharma a super-cross rally racer. Blogger Syed in this candid interview, asks about the triumphs and travails Shardul faced while following his passion. Read on to know more.

Who: Saad
What: Does premium fuel make your car faster, run longer, cleaner? 
Tangy: If you own a car, this thought must have unfailingly crossed your mind at every visit to the petrol pump. So what exactly does premium fuel mean for your car’s performance? Find out on Saad’s blog.

Who: Harshit Agrawal
What: My maiden self drive on highways
Tangy: Blogger Harshit writes about the first time he found himself behind the wheel on highways. All that was needed was the first step to that exhilarating journey, he says. Isn’t that the mantra of life too? Hop on to his blog to know more.

Who: Mainak Das
What: India gets another McLaren
Tangy: Spotting a sports car on Indian roads is nothing less than instant gratification for car lovers. Auto blogger and avid car lover Mainak posts pictures of a McLaren he recently spotted in Mumbai, the second one to land in India after the first one that was spotted in Bangalore. Go ahead and enjoy the eye-catching pictures on his blog.

Who: Rohit Upadhyay
What: India to UK in 90 days,Slovania chapter
Tangy: All bikers dream of *that* one exotic trip across continents that they wish to do some day. Here is one such biker who is translating the dream into reality. And he’s also live blogging his journey for us to read. This one post is about the battery troubles he faced in Croatia. Read his daily updates on his 90 day trip from India to UK.

Who: Deepak K
What: Brand New Pulsar NS200 Crashes After Delivery Near Bhutan Border
Tangy:Sar salaamat to pagdi hazaar‘ is an old Hindi saying which loosely translates into ‘If your head is fine, then you can wear a thousand crowns’. As much as riding bikes and driving cars is thrilling, it is important to remember that safety comes first. This post serves as good reminder, click on link to know more.

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