Spicy Saturday Picks – 2nd September, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! September’s here and we can now hope for the rains to subside and the Sun to shine on us. In this week’s Spicy Saturday edition, we bring together a list of beautiful handmade, Dspicy saturday blogs india.I.Y., art and craft blogs that will add to your weekend cheer.

Who: Divya N
What: Chintz Necklace
Spicy: Most of us Indians believe that gold jewellery accentuates the beauty of your garments especially during festivals. One look at Divya’s DIY handmade chintz necklace will make you think twice. Read her detailed post on how the idea culminated and what went into making the striking neckpiece.

Who: Rittika Chokhany
What: DIY Ganpati Decoration with Sarees
Spicy: As we celebrated the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi last week, we ensured that the elephant-headed God was welcomed and worshipped with a lot of pomp. Be it decorations, pandals, food and other offerings, his devotees left no stone unturned. Blogger Rittika, shows the beautiful ganpati decor she made out of sarees and colourful bangles.

Who: Rukmini Roy
What: Stuff we love: Terrariums or Wardian Cases by The Bloomerie
Spicy: Who doesn’t love bringing the greens into your house? Plants are a great way to add colour to your decor. Check out Rukmini’s post on how terrariums are made and how they can add to the beauty of your home.

Who: Preethi Somu
What: Lampshade repair and restoration
Spicy: If home decor is on your mind, then Somu and Preethi have a lovely post on how you can redo the lampshades in your house all by yourself. They also offer it as a service for those who prefer if it is done professionally. Check out their lampshade restoration projects on their blog.

Who: Shruti Bhat
What: Tips to set up a creative space at home
Spicy: If the posts above have inspired you to take up your own DIY projects, then you can consider setting up a creative space at home. You can peacefully engross yourself in your crafts and stay inspired in your nook. See the ArtsyCraftsyMom’s blog to get started.

Who: The Handmade Co.
What: Bidriware- The magnificent metal craft from the fort of Bidar
Spicy: An intricate craft that is passed on from generations, this metalwork requires a lot of hard work and passion. A craft original to Bidar, a state in Karnataka, Bidriware – or the silver inlay clay items- are nothing short of magic. Read the process and the beautiful outcome on The Handmade Co’s blog.

Who: Anita Sabat
What: Odisha India Handlooms
Spicy: India is an amalgamation of different cultures and the art forms each boasts of. Odisha handloom is one such indigenous craft that brings pride to our nation. With its fine prints and weaving, the craft of weaving sarees by hand is certainly a remarkable feat. Read Anita’s post to know more about Odisha handlooms

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