Tangy Tuesday Picks – 5th September, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! handpicked indian blogs readWe are back with our weekly edition of select posts from Indian bloggers. This time it is all about man’s (and woman’s) best friend! Yes, we’re talking about those cuddly, furry, loyal pets we call dogs.

Who: Abhishek 
What: How to keep your dog safe from mosquitoes
Tangy: If you thought mosquitoes were a nuisance only to humans, you are wrong. They are known to bite and can transmit diseases in dogs too. Abhishek tells us how how you can keep your dogs safe from mosquito bites.

Who: Sireesha Dubey 
What: Fun Review: BON Organics Pet Soap Review
Tangy: So many beauty blogs reviewing so many beauty products for humans, but none for canines! Here’s an honest review by two lovely dogs of the BON Organics Pet soap, a herbal soap that will surely keep those fleas out and away.

Who: Sindhoor Pangal
What: Enjoying my walks with my dogs
Tangy: This popular dog trainer from Bangalore has walked close to 400 dogs so far. She writes about her experience while walking her dogs and the learnings each brought along. If you’re a dog lover, you surely don’t want to miss her blog.

Who: Rishu Sharma
What: How to bond better with your dogs
Tangy: Loving and caring for your dog goes beyond just cuddling and playing with them. It involves understanding their daily patterns, hunger bouts and a lot more. Spending quality time with your dog will certainly help you earn more brownie points, says Rishu Sharma in this post.

Who: Shilpa Gupte
What: Love- Lost and Found
Tangy: Passing of a pet is just as hurtful as that of any other family member. Shilpa writes about how badly she missed her departed pet for months together until she opened her arms for another pet, albeit unwillingly at first. To find out more, read the entire post on her blog.

Who: Damyanti
What: This man from Bangalore has rescued more than 700 Dogs
Tangy: We have heard of instances where dogs have been very selfless to humans and been by their side through thick and thin. Well, some of us kind-hearted humans have returned the favour too. Damayanti tells us a story of Rakesh Shukla, a gentleman who has rescued and rehabilitated more than 700 dogs! Hop on to her blog to know more.

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