Tangy Tuesday Picks – 8th August, 2017

Hello dear bloggers. handpicked indian blogs readBack to routine after a weekend of festivities? No need to sulk! We have a list of humourous posts from select Indian bloggers to make you smile through the day.

Who: Kala Ravi
What: Resourcefully Yours
Tangy: What are the resources that you depend on to get you through the day? Kala says here’s Google, of course! The one saviour for times of urgent information consumption. Then there are friends who are always ready to help you. What is the third equally important resource that you must bank on? Hop on to her blog to find out.

Who: Purba Ray
What: Period Leave- Yay or Nay for empowerment
Tangy: Purba Ray in her quintessential style writes about how menstruation has become a topic of national interest with the announcement of a probable period leave. Will it help women shatter the glass ceiling or will it confine them even badly? Hop on to her blog to read her opinion it.

Who: Sakshi Nanda
What: The curious case of hanging laundry
Tangy: Refrained from hanging her clothes out to dry in the balcony in a foreign country makes blogger Sakshi very upset. Why? Because it makes her clothes very upset! Yes clothes have feelings and the right to claim what is theirs! In this case, some air and a dose of Vitamin D. A hilarious post that will leave you in splits.

Who: Alka Gurha
What: The Joy of Flying
Tangy: You thought only train loos were a nightmarish experience? Think again! After guzzling beverages of their preference on the flight, people rush to the lone loo at the end of the carrier. Read Alka’s hilarious observations as an onlooker and what she describes as the ‘joy of flying’.

Who: Suresh Chandrasekharan
What: e- Narcissism
Tangy: What is the point of having a virtual presence if there is no one to validate it? No one to tip a hat to every tweet, clap for every blog post of yours or make a big deal out of your well-thought of facebook post? Suresh writes about how being online has a lot to do with our narcissism. Read on if you agree.

Who: Narayani Karthik
What: Curls and curves
Tangy: Every woman has a unique relationship with her tresses- whether they are curly, poker straight, wavy or frizzy! And it is the status of this relationship that can make or break the woman’s mood. Narayani, in her blog, gives us a humourous account of her love-hate relationship with her curls.

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