Spicy Saturday Picks- 5th August, 2017

This world of blogging is a crowded one. Don’t we all constantly try to make the best of out of the time we spend blogging and writing for our audience?spicy saturday blogs india In this edition of Spicy Saturday edition, we have compiled a list of posts about blogging, writing and tips that will help you make your blog stand out in the crowd.

Who: Ankit Singla
What: How To Create A FREE Blogspot Blog [6 Easy Steps For Beginners]
Spicy: If you’re a novice in this blogging world and can’t decide where to begin, this post by Ankit Singla gives you a lowdown on exactly how to make an entry with a free blog on blogspot. Read more details on his blog.

Who: Damyanti  
What: I need help from my blogspot friends
Spicy: Every blogger who is serious about writing understands how important it is to stay in touch with fellow bloggers and readers. These are the people who can actually make or break your blog. Damyanti gives a list of things that you can do for making your blog more accessible to its audience.

Who: S. Pradeep Kumar
What: Ideas for Making Cash Online from Photography
Spicy: Who says blogging is limited only to writing? There is a lot of scope for photographers too! For those are good at photography and are thinking of taking their skills to the next level, here are ideas on how to make money through photography.

Who: Mamta Sharma
What: Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic and Start Earning
Spicy: Once you have set the pace for your blog and have generated a considerable audience, you can consider making a passive income out of your blog. These tips from Mamta should help you start earning by increasing the traffic to your blog.

Who: Imran Uddin
What: 7 Best Free MS Paint Alternatives You Can Use
Spicy: What use is a blog if there aren’t any attractive creatives to support what you write? With Microsoft’s recent announcement of closing down MS Paint for good has left many bloggers high and dry. Don’t worry! These 7 alternatives to MS Paint by Imran Uddin should help you continue making graphics for your blog.

Who: Jaspal Singh
What: Pertinent Factors For A Good Software For Editing Videos
Spicy: Video blogging, also known as vlogging, as an alternative to writing is widely being accepted by bloggers everywhere. If you are considering creating your own Youtube channel or need help editing some videos for your blog, this article by Jaspal can be of great help.

Who: Mohammad Shadab
What: How to Add In-article Native Adsense ads in Blogger & WordPress Post
Spicy: Everything you ever wanted to know about native ads and how you can leverage them for your blog is in this post. Shadab gives us a step by step explanation of how to add in-article native Adsense ads for your Blogger and WordPress blogs. Hop on to his blog to know more.

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