Spicy Saturday Picks – 29th July, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! It’s a Saturday and the mood is perfect to let your heart find meaning in poetry.spicy saturday blogs india Yes, this edition of Spicy Saturday Picks is of select poems from Indian bloggers. Hope you like them.

Who: Anusha Das
What: Envelope
Spicy: The era of writing letters by hand, especially love letters was magical. The emotions of your loved one arrived in an envelope, sometimes full of fondness and at times, quite the opposite. Read Anusha’s beautiful poem on uncertainties that came with a love letter wrapped in an envelope.

Who: Saru Singhal  
What: I was the first girl you loved
Spicy: First love has a special place in our heart no matter how long ago it happened. Saru in her beautiful poem talks about those feelings that you harbour exclusively for the person you fell in love with, the very first time.

Who: Aparajita Singh
What: The Perfect Outfit
Spicy: The garb we wear is a reflection of who we are but Aparijata says that what we adorn ourselves with is not just superficial. A thought-provoking poem that makes us wonder who we really are and what we want to be, in spite of the selfish world around us.

Who: Tina Acharya
What: Yes I Am Scared
Spicy: In this harsh world, we all are afraid of being judged, manipulated and mocked by others. But why all of this should matter at all! A wildflower lives it’s life – unloved by the gardener or humans – just for the pure joy of existence. A good reminder to be glad for what we are and stop caring about what the world thinks of us.

Who: Sanjay Bhaskar
What: Some Memories Never Fade
Spicy: When you accidentally discover old things belonging to loved ones, it opens a treasure of memories. Sanjay in his poem, tells us how these small memories are precious and never really leave you, no matter how far the person has gone.

Who: Anita Explorer 
What: Cycle Of Birth And Death
Spicy: Don’t we all yearn to be reunited with our loved ones, even after death. That’s just what the protagonist of this poem wanted but realised too late that crossing over to the other side cannot be undone. Life,  just like death, is inevitable. Read Anita’s poem to find out more.

Who: Maitreni Mishra
What: My Poems: Haiku
Spicy: What’s a collection of poem without a Haiku? And that too a Haiku about poems! Hop on to Maitreni’s blog to know the reason behind her poems.

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