Tangy Tuesday Picks – 1st August, 2017

Hello bloggers, how is the week treating you? We are back with some good reads from Indian bloggers- this time it is all about motherhood. handpicked indian blogs readNo, Mother’s Day isn’t round the corner but who needs a single day to justify motherhood and the issues and joys it brings along?

Who: Dr. Amrita Basu
What: The hardest part of motherhood
Tangy: The toughest part of being a parent is learning to let go. Blogger Amrita tells us about her journey of letting go of small things and enjoying life as a mother. The most heartbreaking yet joyful thing is to let go of the dependency your child has on you and make her stand on her own feet and prepare her to fight her own battles, she says.

Who: Tulika Singh 
What: Am I doing it right?
Tangy: The one question that boggles all parents, new and old, is whether they are faring well in this constant self-evaluating test of parenting. Questions like ‘How much is too much?’ , ‘Is that enough?’ and many more that come to mind put her in a constant dilemma, says Tulika Singh, the obsessive mom of twins. Hop on to her blog to know how she deals with it.

Who: Akshata Ram 
What: The incredible life of a working mom
Tangy: We all know working moms are a strong and resilient tribe. They have to give 100% at work and at home both, without any excuses. Akshata Ram tells us her journey as a working mother who takes pride in her work and raising her kids along. Visit her blog to know how she does it all.

Who: Ramya Abhinand
What: Are we pushing our children heard to learn too soon
Tangy: A child’s achievements can sure make parents beam with pride! But when it comes to pushing children to do more, where should we draw the line? Ramya in her post asks difficult questions about our expectations from the little ones. It is all about remembering that every child is unique and letting kids be themselves is essential.

Who: Neha Tambe
What: The hardest part of motherhood
Tangy: Once the initial years filled with innocence have passed, the time comes to prepare yourself for the anxiety that comes with parenting. Watching from afar as your child grows and gets a mind of his own is the hardest part of motherhood, says Neha. Watching your kids take their own decisions, rise and fail miserably is all part of their life experiences. As a parent you can only stand by and observe.

Who: Rittika 
What: Jungle theme kids room
Tangy: When it comes to our children, we don’t leave any stone unturned. This is true even when it comes to giving them a room of their choice. Rittika, in her post, gives you a low-down on how they got a jungle themed room done up for her 9 year-old daughter’s room. Hop over to her blog and take a look.

Who: Rachna Parmar
What: When children mentor other children
Tangy: Blogger Rachna writes about this brilliant initiative taken by her son’s school where younger boys from the ‘Right to Education’ quota are mentored by older ones. She observes how being the anna (older brother) has brought out the gentler side in her son. This step towards bridging the divide and making children aware of problems others face is surely commendable.

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