Tangy Tuesday Picks – 25th July, 2017

‘Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth’- Albert Camus. handpicked indian blogs readHow rightly said! In this edition of Tangy Tuesday Picks, we put together a list of all blog posts that had fictional stories to tell. Hope you like reading them.

Who: Soumya Prasad
What: All About Bling
Tangy: A person leaves a lot behind when he passes. Such is the story of Uncle Bob who- our blogger Soumya says -not only inspired in life but also in death. Read this photo inspired fiction on her blog.

Who: Mithila Menezes
What: Lord of the files
Tangy: Like all potterheads, this one cannot get over the epic book series. So much that she went a step ahead and made her own story about Mr. Granger-Weasley! We don’t want to reveal too much right here, so go ahead and read it for yourself.

Who: Monika Mishra
What: Battery
Tangy: When the clock stopped running, Sonia and Vishal took the liberty to stop running behind time too. In this simple story, they took a day off and celebrated old times in their battery operated routine lives.

Who: Shaloo Walia
What: Love Kills
Tangy: A microfiction of a couple madly in love, but divided by religion. It starts with a rosy picture full of dreams for the life ahead of them but takes an tragic turn thereafter. Read the entire story on Shaloo’s blog.

Who: DeeDee
What: Run Away
Tangy: A hard-hitting short story of a young man who has run away from the pleasures of home into a dark world from where he shall never return. What is left of his home is the memory he has. Read to know more.

Who: Vikram Karve
What: Alcoholic teetotaller in uniform
Tangy: Read this story of an alcoholic teetotaller and get a glimpse of how things work in the navy. Written by Vikram Karve, a retired naval officer turned full time writer, this is about the ‘hardened rum drinkers’ and their tryst with the liquor of their choice!

Who: Reshmy Pillai
What: Bridging the fault lines
Tangy: A story of two people in love, meeting for the first time. Blogger Reshmy, in this first chapter of her story writes about their apprehensions and expectations. Read what happens further in the lives of Manu and Tara.

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