Spicy Saturday Picks- 22nd July, 2017

When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? Noticing and enjoying small things in life has become a privilege many of us can’t afford in our busy lives. In this edition spicy saturday blogs indiaof Spicy Saturday, we bring together posts that make us slow down and think about our lives.

Who: Manisha Awasthi
What: Life lessons from a 30-something
Spicy: There is no better milestone than a birthday to introspect about life and the lessons you’ve learnt in three decades of living it says Manisha. She compiles a list of things she’s learnt along the way. Take a look, it may have some takeaways for all of us.

Who: Bhagyareema
What: Those small joys
Spicy: As our busy routines take priority, we take many things for granted. Read heartwarming snippets by Bhagyareema from her 70 year old Ajji’s life that will certainly leave a smile on your face.

Who: Sid Balachandran
What: Alt Tolerance
Spicy: Having grown in a multi-cultural environment, blogger Sid tells us how he has now stopped feigning ignorance towards the tense situation our country faces today. Aren’t we a nation that prides on unity in diversity? Isn’t it important to enjoy our ethnicities together than to point fingers at each other, he asks?

Who: Calvy
What: Sadhu and his dogs travel everywhere together
Spicy: Dogs are man’s best friends. This hermit and his pack of dogs that travel everywhere along with him indeed prove it so well. His love for his dogs and theirs for him is quite evident. See more pictures of their travel journeys at the Dog with Blog.

Who: Anjuli Rajprasad
What: What do you do when you hit rock bottom?
Spicy: Life throws curveballs at you, least when you’re expecting them. What does one do in such circumstances? Anjuli tells us that the answer is to just be. Hang in there and experience the situation, however unpleasant it may be. After that there is only looking upwards for you.

Who: Damini Grover
What: Set me free
Spicy: They say, when you love someone, set them free. What better way to ask someone to set you free while being in love and doing it together. Damini in her poem pens her feelings beautifully.

Who: Swetha Sadanand
What: The quill dipped in red
Spicy: Losing someone you love is a harsh lessons life teaches us. Swetha, in her post writes about the sense of longing and pain that death of a loved one causes. She urges him to come back and start living the usual life again or better still, take her along in the journey of the unknown.

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