Tangy Tuesday Picks – 18th July, 2017

Hello everyone! Today’s edition of Tangy Tuesdays is all about travel!  It shows that nothing stops our bloggers from getting out and exploring the world. Even the rains do not deter us from our wanderlust. So here is the list of top blog posts about travel this week.

Who: Priyanka Agasty
What: Trip to fairy land on a budget: A short guide to Venice
Tangy: Each one of us aspires to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe but time from our busy schedules and the exorbitant expenses stops us short. Blogger Priyanka debunks the ‘expensive’ city myth of Venice and shows us how to explore the city on a strict budget.

Who: Anunoy Samanta
What: Monsoon ride to Jhargram – met a gentleman motorcycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
Tangy: You start afoot or you ride a bike, but you can stop a curious mind that has set out to travel. Putting up with a mild drizzle, blogger Anunoy narrates his day journey to the old yet beautifully built palace of Jhargram followed by the Kanak Durga temple. The highlight of the trip , of course, was a chance meeting with Shashidhar Sunagar, a Banglorean traveling across the circumferential expanse of India.

Who: Aravind GJ
What: A day in Texel, Netherlands
Tangy: No matter how many times a place has been visited before, it always has something unexplored for you. Aravind’s post on his impromptu visit to an island off Netherlands proves just that. Complete with pristine beaches and a solitary lighthouse, this place is no less than magical!

Who: Mrunmaiy
What: Video: Ropeway ride in Udaipur on my wheelchair
Tangy: A lot of us take our body for granted. But having your own limitations and yet harbouring a desire to go places takes gumption. Blogger Mrunmaiy writes about her experience of riding up a ropeway to the Karni Mata temple in Udaipur and gives us a chance to see the view along the ropeway through her video.

Who: Shubhi Asthana
What: 5 reasons to book your vacation to Hawaii right now
Tangy: If you aren’t already convinced about going to Hawaii someday, this post by blogger Shubhi gives you five compelling reasons to consider it as your next vacation. Hop on to her blog and find out more.

Who: Arun Prasadh
What: Weekend Getaway 55: Avalabetta Trek
Tangy: Come weekend and the working lot heads out of their homes to break the rut. Be it a drive or a visit to a hill station, getting away surely helps you get back! Blogger Arun gives us a lowdown, complete with pictures, on his weekend trek to Avalabetta, something all Bangaloreans can consider.

Who: Arti Shah
What: Intimate Moments With The One (Monsoony Marine Drive, Mumbai)
Tangy: Like all Mumbaikars know, you don’t need a reason to head to Marine Drive. Rain or sun, this promenade along the sea always welcomes those who want to experience it. Even if you’re not in Mumbai, don’t worry. Blogger Arti’s post gives you an almost first-hand experience with her splendid pictures.

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