Spicy Saturday Picks – 15th July, 2017

Hello everyone! As the rain here in Mumbai manifests itself in its typical Mumbai form, we look forward to stay indoors, spicy saturday blogs indiadrink lots of chai and read beautiful blogs that make us smile. Here is this weekend’s list of handpicked blogs. Hope you like it.

Who: Samarpita
What: Home
Spicy: Going home is a special feeling, more so for a teenager studying at a hostel. But life is not kind to Tina, Samarpita’s protagonist in her fictional short story ‘Home’ that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Who: Purba Ray
What: Open the door, the goddess is right outside
Spicy: Purba Ray in her quintessential style, writes about the one very important person in the urban Indian’s life – the kamwali bai. Her divine presence makes or breaks your day, she says in her hilarious post. Hop on to her blog and have a good laugh.

Who: Franchua D’souza
What Take it easy
Spicy: Blogger Franchua writes a letter to her life, thanking it for the things it taught her. The person that she is today is all because of the difficulties and joys life threw at her, teaching her the true essence of living all the way.

Who: Anirudh Rao
What: Present- A treasure
Spicy: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift and that’s why it is called present. This post by Anirudh is a good reminder for those who live in the past or dream of the distant future and in the process, forget to live in the moment.

Who: Srinidhi Hande  
What: Japanese Bullet Train (Shinkansen) experience
Spicy: We’ve all heard of the famous Japanese bullet train before. This post by Srinidhi gives us a peek into the Shinkansen, right from its booking procedure to leg room between the seats. If you’re planning a visit to Japan, you certainly don’t want to miss reading this before you head out!

Who: Jitendra Mathur
What: Sanjeev Kumar stitching ladies’ garments?
Spicy: Not the run-of-the-mill Bollywood stories, blogger Jitendra Mathur reviews movie Ladies Talior of the yesteryear starring the dashing Sanjeev Kumar. The simple story of a skilled tailor trying to make it big in Lucknow takes a mysterious turn when he gets involved in finding the culprit in a murder case.

Who: Alka Gurha
What: Death by buffet
Spicy: Alka tells us how the very inviting buffet spreads at hotels unfailingly throw all your restrain out of the window and bring out the glutton in you. Salads, accompaniments, live counters, main course followed by desserts, the buffet has this peculiar way of making everything look irresistible, don’t you agree? Read on to find out what Alka thinks about the grand buffet.

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