Tangy Tuesday Picks – 11th July, 2017

Poems, art inspiration, picturesque sunsets and a lot more! That’s what this week’s edition of Tangy Tuesdays is made of.  So sit back and go through handpicked posts from Indian bloggers all over.

Who: Dipanwita Chakraborty
What: Chasing the melting Sun
Tangy: Travel blogger Dipanwita expresses her love for sunsets in this post. A picture post she has put together of all sunsets she has witnessed in her travel exploits is something you don’t want to miss.

Who: Rekha Sahay
What: The Chameleon – Poem
Tangy: Do you wonder if we, as a human race have denigrated in terms of ethics and principles? A chameleon certainly seems to think so. Blogger Rekha in her poem tells us about her brief encounter with this colour-changing reptile.

Who: Viditi Bhargava
What: Flying high
Tangy: We always aim for bigger things in life but often miss the smaller pleasures that life offers.  Another short, sweet but hard-hitting poem by Viditi which you must read.

Who: Rajlakshmi
What: How to make a Zentangle Inspired Art
Tangy: If you’re looking to channelise your creative bout into something beautiful, give Zentangle a try. It is not only meditative but also quite simple for everyone to explore. See Rajlakshmi’s Zentangle Inspired Art and get inspired to make your own.

Who: Aayesha Hakim
What: Letter to my 21-year old self
Tangy: Don’t we all retrospect ever so often? Aayesha in her post writes a beautiful letter to her younger self telling her about the world around her today as it is. Circumstances change, but in the end all that matters is learning to let go, she says.

Who: Shaloo Walia
What: Faith can move mountains
Tangy: As the old adage goes, Shaloo’s post will convince you why everyone needs an anchor in their life to keep them going. You can have faith in a person or a supernatural force but without faith, you’re lost.

Who: Amrita Sabat
What: Opening Ceremony: Asian Athletics Championships 2017
Tangy: If you missed the opening ceremony of one of the biggest athletic events in the country, don’t fret. Amrita walks us through the event complete with pictures and every small detail.

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