Spicy Saturday Picks- 8th July, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! How are the rains treating you? Isn’t it the perfect time to stay indoors with a cup of chai and read interesting blogs by interesting people?spicy saturday blogs india Here us this week’s edition of Spicy Saturday Picks, hope you like it.

Who: Rahul Bhatia
What: The pleasure of hiking
Spicy: Let’s start with this blog post by Rahul complete with beautiful pictures of his hiking trips all around the world. Right from Moneglia in Italy to Tel Aviv in Israel Rahul tells us why he finds his hiking hobby rewarding.

Who: Rachna Parmar
What: The June that was and life lessons
Spicy: As blogger Rachna retrospects about the month that was, the post serves as a reminder for us readers about gratitude and small pleasures in life that make every minute worth living. With half a year gone by, is it time for all of us to take inspiration from Rachna and introspect our lives too?

Who: Madhavi Katre
What: Dancing in the rain
Spicy: Don’t we all love how the world looks when it rains? Fresh, renewed and joyful! Madhavi, in this lovely poem tells us how the Earth rejoices with every shower.

Who: Mayuri Nidigallu
What: Childhood memories you are thankful for
Spicy: What does childhood mean to you? Lots of friends to play games and share treats with or trust and feeling of security with people around you? Mayuri, in her blog writes about the small things that made her childhood a happy one.

Who: Sara Siddiqui
What: Of festivals, religions and neighbors
Spicy: Festivals are worth celebrating when you have people to share the joy with. Sara, in her post tells us how neighbours in the housing colony she lived in came together to celebrate festivals from every religion with equal enthusiasm and bonhomie.

Who: Lata Sunil
What: Never in my name
Spicy: Speaking of religions, India known as the place where people from all religions live in unity. But violence in the name of religion makes us wonder if our country will ever be the same again. Lata’s post speaks volumes about the situation and reminds us that we will never take violence in our name.

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