Spicy Saturday Picks – 3rd June, 2017

Hello dear bloggers. The month of June is here and before we know it, half of 2017 will be over! How has your year been so far? Ours has been magnificent, thanks to your lovely blogs that wespicy saturday blogs india get to read now and then. We are back with a list of some good reads for the weekend from the Indian blog world.

Who: Radhika
What: Summer
Spicy: A lovely poem that captures the essence of hot and raging summers. Radhika pens down how she is eagerly waiting for the rain gods to bless us. Aren’t we all?

Who: Shubham Chaudhary
What: Marks matter and here’s why
Spicy: With the board exam results getting declared, this hard-hitting post by Shubham is an eye-opener of sorts. Contrary to the hue and cry that is being made about gaining high scores, this post tells us why marks are important.

Who: Bhavesh Bhimani
What: Last Goodbye- A short story
Spicy: This story, woven across a quarter of a century is of two young friends and their painful separation. The first part is spread across a day in their school which happens to be their last one together. And the second is that of them following up on their passion- cricket- after many years.

Who: Varsha Bagadia
What: Why mothers are called first teachers
Spicy: There are so many things children learn at home before being taught about it in school. Being responsible and independent is what Varsha taught her son to be and the little boy turned out to raise the bar with the sense of ownership he showed.

Who: Vidhi
What: Living with contradictions
Spicy: The next time you calla a mouse ‘timid’ watch out! This post should serve as a reminder that one’s size does not determine his courage. Only his will does. Read Vidhi’s post on how society is quick to judge a person by his or her loftiness.

Who: Tina Basu
What: Top 5 romance novels worth re-reading
Spicy: If you’re wanting to pick a book and that too a romantic one, this is a post you must read. Tina tells us about her favourite romance novels and why they must be read.

Who: Roohi Bhatnagar
What: Choose wisely what you read these days
Spicy: In today’s digital age, we are plagued by too much information. Some of the online data that we consume is also inauthentic and unsolicited. Roohi, in her post, tells us why it is time for us to be picky when it comes to reading.

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