Tangy Tuesday Picks – 6th June, 2017

Hello bloggers! We are back with interesting posts written by Indian bloggers. handpicked indian blogs readA book review, a humourous take on Tinder girls, mango chia pudding recipe – we have a lot of variety for you to read today. 

Who: Manas Mukul
What: The curious case of Tinder girls
Tangy: All women reading this and happen to be on Tinder might want to check if they fall in any of the categories mentioned. This humourous post comes straight from blogger Manas’s heart and will surely give you a good laugh.

Who: Manjusha Pandey
What: Book review: ‘Unns’- The captivation by Sapan
Tangy: Love and betrayal in the lives of Atharva and Meher is what Unns- the captivation is all about. Manjusha reviews the novel in detail and recommends it for all those who love romantic stories.

Who: Anand Kumar
What: The passport called English medium
Tangy: Arguably, one of the biggest debates Indians of all ages- right from college to senior citizens- have is whether education in English medium or vernacular is better. Anand Kumar tells us his point of view and why he thinks one is better over the other.

Who: CH
What: Mango Chia Pudding
Tangy: Before you bid adieu to your favourite fruit of the season, make sure you try this mouth watering pudding. Sure to help you beat the heat, this dessert recipe can be prepared in no time.

Who: Gobblefunkist
What: Thumb not so green
Tangy: After having an verdant and idyllic garden, having to chop off all your trees and bring them down to a count of seven can be heart breaking. But there was a strong reason behind says Gobblefunkist, read on to find out.

Who: Shaunak Marulkar
What: “Sabka Malik Ek”
Tangy: ‘God is one’ as it loosely translates into, the credit of this phrase is given to Shirdi Sai Baba – the fakir and saint who is said to have followers from all faiths. This post by blogger Shaunak delves further into the enigma that Sai Baba is and gives information about Shirdi, the place of worship.

Who: Sonal Kothari
What: PC’s leg showoff! – Feminism for all
Tangy: The recent discussion about actress Priyanka Chopra’s choice of clothes during her meeting with the Prime Minister has opened a can of worms. Here is Sonal’s post on what she thinks of a woman’s choice- be it of clothes, career or any other thing under the sun.

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