Spicy Saturday Picks – 27th May, 2017

Hello dear bloggers. Hope your weekend has been great so far. And to make it even better, here is a list spicy saturday blogs indiaof must read blogs from Indian bloggers you can read. We have a mix of productivity hacks, offbeat travels, movie reviews and a lot more.

Who: Sandip Roy
What: How to find happiness in your workplace
Spicy: They say job satisfaction is a myth. Most of us who have day jobs somehow find ways to sail happily through the week with looming deadlines, pesky co-workers and an angry boss. This post on the Happiness India Project blog will help you keep your sanity intact and find happiness at work.

Who: R Niranjan Das
What: Things to do in Goa apart from beaches
Spicy: The allure of Goa is in it’s beaches. Right? This post by R. Niranjan Das proves otherwise. It lists 15 things, from a stroll in the Portuguese lane in Fontanhas with brightly coloured houses to the Salim Ali bird sanctuary. You could use this the next time you’re in Goa and want to do something different.

Who: Chaaipani
What: The Big Tuesday, Bada Mangal
Spicy: Give yourself a break from the hate-filled communal news you read every now and then. Here is a story of a Hindu festival started by Muslims that will reinstate your faith in Hindu-Muslim harmony that still lives in the nook and crannies of our country.

Who: Abhishek
What: A dog’s purpose – Movie Review
Spicy: You may or may not be a dog lover, but you’ll certainly agree that dogs are the epitome of selfless love and loyalty for their masters. The author reviews the movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ directed by Lasse Hallstrom and released early this year. Tear-jerking episodes in the dog’s many lives portrayed in the movie may leave you shattered but it is still worth a watch.

Who: Jhilmil Bhansali
What: Prerna – the inspiration
Spicy: ‘Love means pulling together against all odds’. This heart-breaking real life account of a mother who is fighting the whole world to give the best that she can to her physically challenged children is nothing less than a powerful inspiration

Who: Shivi Chinappa
What: Top 10 gifts for new moms
Spicy: When you visit a newborn, it is usually the little one that gets all the gifts. However, it is not a bad idea to pamper the new mother as well. In this post, Shivi lists ten things you can consider gifting the new mom too.

Who: Daniel Joshi
What: Portrait of an old lady in Beringharjo market
Spicy: A picture post of an old lady by photographer Daniel Joshi taken during his trip to Indonesia. The expression captured is priceless and it  says many a unspoken words.

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