Tangy Tuesday Picks- 30th May, 2017

Are you enjoying the first drizzle of the season? As the rain and sunshine play hide and seek, we put together a list of wonderful blogs from the Indian blogosphere. spicy saturday blogs indiaA poem, an interview with a cyclist, a tasty recipe- there is a lot you can read in this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks edition.

Who: Samarpita Sharma
What: Review: Pocket Mumy, an ode to motherhood
Tangy: A simple story of a single mother and the bond she shares with her son, this short feature is directed by Nitesh Ranglani and stars actress Madhoo as the protagonist. This crisp review by Samarpita Sharma tells you why you should watch this 6 minute film that conveys  emotions in the best way possible.

Who: Radhika Ganorkar
What: Thank you, Mom
Tangy: We don’t need Mother’s day to profess our love for our Mom, do we? Read this beautiful poem written by Radhika where she thanks for mother for the strong, independent woman she’s made of her.

Who: Sneha Kedar 
What: Interview with cyclist Paritosh Mohite
Tangy: Isn’t it always a joy to read about interesting and inspiring personalities.? In this interview on the Missy Traveler blog, meet Paritosh Mohite, a 45 year old cyclist who bought a cycle on an impulse and went on to win the  SR(Super Randonneur) title.

Who: The Akshaypatra blog
What: School days are here again
Tangy: Summer vacations are nearing an end and school is about to reopen. But for some less fortunate children, staying in school is a challenge with hunger clawing at their guts. Akshaypatra is a medium that abolishes hunger and malnourishment of school going children. Read to know more about their efforts.

Who: Monika Mishra
What: The great Indian drivers
Tangy: Honkers, Racers, Safe Drivers, No Brake Drivers and Phoners- Monika categorizes all kinds of Indian drivers as they come. Read her hilarious analysis of people and their peculiar driving styles.

Who: Kamal
What: Cleaning of unwanted weeds
Tangy: If you were told to bring one tomato for every person you hated, how many would you end up with? Read this story of a teacher who tells her students to do just that. The underlying lesson in this post by Kamal will serve as an eye-opener.

Who: Chitrangada
What: Lentil with raw mango
Tangy: Summer, the season that beckons mangoes into the kitchen and into our stomachs. Be it raw or ripe, directly as a fruit or as part of a special preparation, mangoes make every meal delicious. Chitrangada reveals a traditional Bengali dish of lentils with raw mango, with a dash of her own ingredients

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