Tangy Tuesday Picks – 23rd May, 2017

And we are back with our mid-week curated list of good blogs that you can read.handpicked indian blogs read We have parental woes, travel inspiration and a lot more in this edition. Hope you enjoy reading them all as much as we did. 

Who: Sapna Dhyani
What: Why are you growing up so fast, my children?
Tangy: A common lament of all parents when their children grow out of the baby phase. A beautiful post by a mother of two daughters, Sapna, where she lovingly complains about how fast her little ones are growing up, with minds and individuality of their own.

Who: Parent and Kid
What: Why do kids outgrow clothes so soon
Tangy: Speaking of kids growing up fast, if there is one thing that puts parents into a quandary is the everlasting situation of outgrown clothes. How does one put an end to expensive accumulated clothes that your child has barely or never worn?

Who: Shakti Shetty
What: Why poetry is dying
Tangy: We have heard that line before, but is poetry really dying? Even if there aren’t enough people who compose poetry, doesn’t it continue to live within us? It’s in our DNA says the blogger, read on if you agree with his thoughts.

Who: Parveen Choudhury
What: Why bucket lists are pointless
Tangy: Have you ticked off the 30 things to do before you turn 30? Well, most of us don’t. And here is the Beedi Traveler telling us why not having a bucket list is more adventurous and wild. Read her post on night snorkelling on her birthday eve.

Who: The Life Tech
What: Why it is better to travel alone than dating someone
Tangy: If you want to gain a unique experience, it is better to do it all by yourself with no one to influence your choice. Here are ten reasons why the blogger thinks it is a great idea to be a solo traveler than part of a couple or group.

Who: Akshata Ramesh
What: Flat Tummy
Tangy: ‘Be careful what you wish for’- that’s the lesson this micro tale has for us. Read to know how a candid conversation of only few words between friends can relay a deep message.

Who: Sushmita Malakar
What: Being the non-Bengali Bengali
Tangy: ‘Where do you come from?’ A commonly asked question about identity irks this blogger due to the stereotypes it brings with it. Read further to know how it is to be a Bengali, but not quite so!

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