Spicy Saturday Picks – 20th May, 2017

Hello bloggers! We are back with our select list of the best blog posts from Indian bloggers this weekend. A tribute to Reema Lagoo, a take on autism, the need for responsible tourism and a lot more in this edition of Spicy Saturday.

Who: Cifar Shayar
What: RIP favourite mother of Bollywood- Reema Lagoo
Spicy: The sudden news of death of Bollywood actress Reema Lagoo has shocked the industry and fans. Known to have played the role of a quintessential Indian mother in many popular movies, this post by Cifar Shayar is a great tribute to the veteran actress.

Who: Pranitha Menon
What: The Curse of the Indian Pancake
Spicy: The story of the crispy, tasty and nutrient-rich Indian pancake – the dosa. Pranitha blogs about the ubiquitous South Indian dish that has made way into her kitchen and how it has become an instant hit with her little ones.

Who: Vishal Bheeroo
What: Simply South Mumbai: An enthralling SoBo Affair
Spicy: South Bombay, fondly known as SoBo is a favourite haunt of the city’s people. From the Wankhede stadium to Nariman Point and a variety of eating joints to boot, Vishal tells us what makes this part of the city so enchanting.

Who: Suman Debray
What: Different but unique
Spicy: Every child that comes into this world is special in its own way. This post by Suman about Stephen Wiltshire an accomplished artist who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three years is a must read.

Who: Shubhi Asthana
What: How I revived my love for reading books
Spicy: Were you inseparable from books once but don’t seem to find much time for them now? If you’re stuck in the rut of your daily routine and are looking to go back to your love for books, these useful tips by Shubs should help you do it.

Who: Dr. Sharmila Rao
What: Athithi Dev(il)obhava
Spicy: When travelers make merry without taking into consideration the hazards it causes to the surroundings of the place, it damages the ethics that responsible tourism is based on. Dr. Sharmila recounts the horrifying experience she witnessed recently with tourists in Goa.

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