Tangy Tuesday Picks- 16th May, 2017

A picture speaks a thousand words. We’re sure our photo bloggers will agree. In this edition of  Tangy Tuesday Picks, we bring to you posts that speak through their pictures more than their words.handpicked indian blogs read So here is a curated list of best photography posts from Indian bloggers this week.

Who: Rupam Sarma
What: After Rain
Tangy: If you’ve had enough of the hot summers and cannot wait for monsoons to arrive, here is a picture post by Rupam called ‘After Rain’. The picture perfectly sums up the refreshed and rejuvenated feeling that a shower of rain leaves you with.

Who: Ramit Batra
What: Indian Wedding Swagger: Make Way for the Groom
Tangy:  We Indians make a big deal out of weddings but mostly brides are cynosure of all eyes. However, this post by wedding photographer Ramit Batra will make you think twice. Check out his post with pictures of Indian grooms getting ready and enjoying their big day.

Who: Anindya Basu
What: Chicken salad with leftover Kebabs. Looking at Poila Baisakh
Tangy: No Indian festival is complete without good food accompanying it. And so is the case with Bengali New Year also known as Poila Baisakh. Read Anindya’s post with mouth watering pictures of the recipe for Chicken Salad he prepared.

Who:  Deepak Amembal
What: A memorable road trip part 1
Tangy: An exciting picture post of a sponsored 2500 km trip encompassing Delhi – Lucknow – Gorakhpur – Kathmandu – Gorakhpur – Agra- Delhi is a must see. Food, tourist places, things to do- this post by Magic travels covers it all.

Who: Shivang Mehta
What: Tiger Showers- Summers 2017
Tangy: Shivang Mehta brings us pictures of every wildlife enthusiast’s dream – the big cat as he travels through the forests of Bandavgarh and Corbett. This slideshow of images of the tigers and other animals he spotted will enthrall you.

Who: Siftr Magic
What: The difference a year can make
Tangy: A guest post by photographer Ashu Mittal where she captures the difference a span of a year can make in people. They may look the same or may have changed drastically but the subtle nuances that every human has are to be observed carefully.

Who: Vasu
What: Top 12 things to do in West Sumatra
Tangy: Another inspiring photo travelogue, this time of an international locaiton – the exotic island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Check out the pictures – they will take you to a faraway land right away.

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