Spicy Saturday Picks – 13th May, 2017

Dear bloggers, as the first shower of rains freshens up the air, here is a fresh list of blogs to read this spicy saturday blogs indiaweekend as you sit with your cup of chai.   From urban gardening to suspense stories, we have a host of things for you to read from in this Spicy Saturday Picks edition.

Who: R Niranjan Das
What: Agonda and its neighbouring beaches
Spicy: You’ve read many travelogues but one that talks only about the exotic beaches of Goa is rare. Travel blogger Raj Niranjan Das writes about every nook and cranny of Agonda and its neighbouring beaches. So if you’re heading to Goa, this is something you can consider.

Who: Dr. Sharmila
What: World Migratory Birds Day
Spicy: If you’re an amateur birdwatcher or are even if the avian species remotely interests you, this post by Dr. Sharmila will make you sit up and take notice with the detailed information on birds and their migratory nature.

Who: Pawan Hegde
What: The philosophy of commuting
Spicy: Whether you’re in Bangalore or Mumbai or any other metro in the world, commute is a part of your life. The time spent to and from one’s workplace constitutes most part of the day. Pawan gets deeper into the philosophy of traffic in his post. Do read to find out more.

Who: Ramya Abhinand
What: Cantonment Life
Spicy: Don’t we civilians always wonder what it is to live inside the cantonment areas demarcated for the defence personnels? Ramya, in her post, gives us an idea of how life inside a cantonment is- full of energy and good vibes except during vacations!

Who: Ekta
What: This is what I miss being a Delhi girl
Spicy: Dilli hai dilwalonki, they say! Ekta in her post tells how you can take a girl out Delhi but you can’t take Delhi out of her. Read to know what she misses about the city she calls home even today after living away from it for more than 12 years.

Who: Sharon
What: Book Review: Gardening in Urban India
Spicy: If you’re fond of gardening and are proud of your urban terrace garden, you might find this book review of Gardening in Urban India by Sharon really useful. Right from what to use from the book and the DIY projects, she covers all the things you need to know.

Who: Kala Ravi
What: The White Box
Spicy: Every scene in this short suspense story will spook you out. Kala Ravi’s  gripping post about Aroo and the mysterious white box is also entertaining till the end.

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