Spicy Saturday Picks – 6th May, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! How are you spending your summers? We, at BlogAdda ,are busy reading beautiful posts from all of your blogs and picking the best ones for our weekly curated list. spicy saturday blogs indiaThe memories evoked from a visit to native place, finding humour in the tryst with maladies and a home art studio tour- this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks has it all.

Who: Varsha
What: A man thing, or may be not
Spicy: Is it harder for women to let go of memories than men? Are men more detached from things that evoke emotions? Varsha ponders as she observes her father tear up the handwritten letters he wrote to her mother in their early years of marriage and courtship. Something that she can not imagine doing herself.

Who: Ryna Chopra
What: My pedestal has tipped
Spicy: What does one do when faced with a string of illnesses? Mope about your fate maybe? This NRI chasing chasing cows and other futilities does quite the opposite. Her post on how she’s dealing with them reinstates your belief in the old adage ‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Who: Ann Geo 
What: A home art studio
Spicy: If you’re looking for art and craft inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. The beautiful pieces her son and she have created together will leave you awed. How a simple corner in the house can be turned into a home-art studio is remarkable.

Who: Shalini 
What: Save me from these Mother India please
Spicy: Mother’s day fast approaching, this post is a humourous read about how most Indian mothers take others’ right to space and privacy for granted. Be it movie halls or parties, the blogger narrates how the army of brats and their moms have made it difficult for hapless individuals to enjoy their moments of solitude.

Who: Subroto 
What: The dialects of lust
Spicy: An interesting take on a photo prompt, the post gives you a good laugh on a honest discourse between a couple on their first date.

Who: Shilpa  
What: Of love and attachments
Spicy: As the title of the post explains, can the void created in our lives left by people who we loved be replaced? How does the human mind cope with a sudden loss of a dear one? How does it bear the grief that memories bring?

Who: Damayanti
What: How to deal with your limitations during a rewrite?
Spicy: A guest post by Michael Dellert on Damayanti’s blog, where he writes about the challenges he faces as an author and editor. He breaks the process down into understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and learning from them. A must read for every blogger and aspiring author facing a roadblock.

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