Tangy Tuesday Picks – 9th May, 2017

It’s that time of the week! We are back with our Tangy Tuesday Picks that contain select posts from the Indian bloggers handpicked indian blogs readnetwork. A travelogue, a poem, social issues and candid conversations- there is everything for you to read in this week’s list.

Who: Vishal
What: Help someone with mental health issues
Tangy: Know someone who is dealing with mental health issues? Vishal’s detailed post will be a good starting point for you to help the person in distress, and what you can do as a caregiver or a friend.

Who: Swapnil
What: Virtual tour of Kaziranga National Park
Tangy: Even though Kaziranga, which is home to the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, is closed right now for safety and maintenance reasons, this post by Swapnil will give you enough reason to visit as soon as it opens in November.

Who: Jasmeet
What: Purani Yaadein
Tangy:  Do you have memories of a house previously lived-in, filled with precious moments of a love-filled childhood? This beautiful poem in Hindi by Jasmeet will bring back your lovely memories of a house forgotten, perhaps?

Who: Rashmi
What:  Shifting Diaries- The good, the very good and the too good!
Tangy: Talking about memories of an old house, this post tells how shifting to a new house is filled with excitement and trepidation of the unknown. Read Rashmi’s post on the shifting process and her wonderful experience thereof.

Who:  Gobblefunkist
What: An immensus conversation
Tangy: What started as a casual conversation between two friends about menopause leads to this self-deprecating account on period parties, vaginal vagaries and much more. Read Gobblefunkist’s humourous post on the mysteries of her menopause.

Who: Nabanita
What: Mommy Talks- Making Less More
Tangy: They say women, especially mothers, can’t have it all. But if you’re convinced to make the most of what you have, you have won half the battle. Read Nabanita’s letter to her daughter where she owns up to the guilt and despair of a working mother but does not let it impact their quality time together.

Who: Shruti
What: Disillusioned Human to an Enlightened Individual
Tangy: After spending four years on the American soil, Shruti compares it with India. Read her post to know why she thinks the two countries are quite alike and what makes it so is their people, their ambitions and emotions.

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