Spicy Saturday Picks – 29th April, 2017

Want to find out who has been writing what this week? You have arrived at the right place, then. We go through a long list of blogs every week and make a list of the best blog posts from the Indian blog world. spicy saturday blogs indiaLet’s see what we have this Saturday for you to read. It’s a mix of travel, observations, poem and recipes. Take a look!

Who: Rashmi
What: The trials of an upcoming writer
Spicy: Here’s something every blogger who is aspiring to be a writer someday can relate to. Is you blog the only writer’s identity you have? Don’t other things in your writing portfolio count? Well, the questions will persist till you can claim to be a published author. Amen to that!

Who: Sushma
What: Converses with my mirror
Spicy: Mirror mirror on the wall, what are your secrets? Tell me them all. You must read the beautiful poem where Sushma asks her reflection in the mirror its identity.

Who: Sujatha
What: Sikkim Final
Spicy: If you going through the itchy foot syndrome, consider Sikkim for your next destination. Read Sujatha’s post on things you can do and plan your itinerary better.

Who: Meha
What: The little girl who talks to birds
Spicy: A mother pours her heart out when she witnesses how gentle her daughter is. Read this touching letter to a sensitive little daughter who talks to birds and appreciates little pleasures in life.

Who: Anunoy
What: A ride to Bishnupur Terracotta Gallery
Spicy: Another inspiration for the wanderer in you, Anunoy’s picture-perfect post takes you to a lesser known town in West Bengal’s Bankura district called Bishnupur, famous for it’s terracotta temples, crafts and the Baluchari sarees.

Who: Abhishek
What: Dog Adoption Guide
Spicy: Fond of pooches and puppies? If you’re contemplating giving them a home, here is a dog adoption guide you can refer to. A great resource of all the information you need before adopting a dog.

Who: Anuradha
What: Pickles
Spicy: Think summer, think pickles! Anuradha’s simple recipe of the Kovai (ivy gourd) pickle will leave your taste buds tickling for more.

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