Tangy Tuesday Picks – 2nd May, 2017

The month of May has arrived and the sweltering heat is making us all yearn for rain. But May is for mangoes, cooler climates, cold drinks, memories and movies.handpicked indian blogs read That’s what our list for today is all about.  🙂 So sit back and enjoy the top reads for this week from the blog world.

Who: Aravind
What: New Zealand Hooker Valley track in Mt. Cook
Tangy: A picturesque description of the three hour trail in New Zealand’s Mt. Cook, this post will make you want to pack your bags and head out. Swinging bridges, glacier walls, the serene lake.

Who: Arun 
What: Boating at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Tangy: If you are looking at a travel destination closer home, head to Kerala. Read Arun’s post on boating in the beautiful lake in Periyar Sanctuary complete with spotting a variety of birds, gaurs and deer.

Who: Vandana
What: Cool Summer Drinks
Tangy: Check out these refreshingly cool recipes of non alcoholic summer drinks. Kiwi cucumber mint mocktail, Pineapple mocktail, Amla lemon ginger squash… You name it, she’s got it.

Who: Shantala
What: Beauty and the beast movies
Tangy: A quick comparison of the newly released movie Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson with the 1991 animated version of the same tale. Shantala, in her post post tells us what is unique about each of the two versions and why she cannot pick a favourite.

Who: SG
What: Mankading
Tangy: In a country that lives on a game like cricket, one would think that all are experts at it. So does the blogger until he recently found out that he was completely unaware of a term used in cricket- mankading. Read more to find out what it means.

Who: Saru Singhal
What: Of long lost summer days with Maa
Tangy: People make memories and memories define us. Saru’s post about the memories of her mother, the gracefulness and charm that she exuded. In her poem she narrates how she tries hard to be like her mother in the small things that described her- cotton sarees, shilpa bindis and rooh-afza drink during summers.

Who: Prasad NP
What: Buransh Flowers of Uttarakhand
Tangy: A guest post on the Desi Traveler’s blog by Deeptangan Pant about the crimson hues that envelope the mountains in Uttarakhand. He writes about the annual bloom of Buransh or Rhododendron flowers that signify the arrival of spring. Read the post and don’t miss the beautiful pictures of the blooming trees in all their glory.

Who: Chirag
What: A romantic poem
Tangy: Beautifully penned, this poem in Hindi speaks about a love lost but not forgotten. Even if people separate, the love stays.. In thoughts, words, stories and of course in poems.

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