Tangy Tuesday Picks – 25th April, 2017

And we are back with a curated list of interesting blogs you can read as the work week goes by.  From eye-opening poetry to heart-breaking farewell letters you’ll find everything in this week’s best blog reads.

Who: Prajakta
What: The Darkness within
Tangy:A short story of a woman who finds herself in an unfamiliar place. Read on to know what happens as she tries to save herself from two men who are following her on a lonely street.

Who: Pooja
What: To a superhero who raised my hero
Tangy: When someone you adore, respect and are in awe of leaves the world, it leaves you shattered. Pooja finds strength in the memories the man whose footsteps she wants to follow. Read her moving yet powerful letter to her best friend’s father.

Who: Gitanjali
What:Definitely, not just an IVFer
Tangy: Having a baby is the most precious feeling in the whole world. But fighting yourself, your loved ones, society and everything that comes your way to attain that blissful moment tears you. Read Naina’s struggle of being an IVFer

Who: Anusha
What:Blank, Un-filled
Tangy: The deep void that is created when someone leaves cannot be filled. Anusha beautifully pens down her thoughts about separation in this poem

Who: Amrit
What: She Saw the lilies fight
Tangy: Another poem that describes the witnessing of two charming lilies fight with one another. When greed and jealousy overcome harmony, discontentment raises its ugly head.

Who: Reema
What: The Last Sunset
Tangy: A dedication to her beloved father, the blogger writes a poem every year on his death anniversary. This moving poem will surely evoke memories of loved ones and bring a lump in your throat.

Who: Ryan
What: Run for your life, Doctor
Tangy: Earlier patients put their lives and all their faith in the hands of the doctor, waiting for him to put an end to their misery. But today, the situation has turned around and people don’t hesitate to bring harm to doctors if something goes wrong. Ryan laments about how this threatens the doctors and healthcare system.

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