Spicy Saturday Picks – 22nd April, 2017

Hello bloggers! Hope you all are keeping yourself cool as the summer heat gets more and more unbearable as the days go by.

spicy saturday blogs indiaIf you’re planning to stay indoors this weekend and read what others are blogging about, here is a list of curated blogs to keep you engaged.

Who: Sid Balachandran
What: Too hot to handle
Spicy: Peeved by the weather, Sid writes how the heat is getting the better of him. Enjoy his subtle humour where he tells us he is not a ‘summer person’ and the things that make it worse for him.

Who: Soni Khadilkar
What: Orange kiwi popsicles
Spicy: Cool it off with these home made orange kiwi popsicles. Yes you can make these yourself! Definitely a must try recipe for the summers.

Who: Shalini
What: Pani Puri
Spicy: Chaat lovers’ favourite! Especially if you like the tangy spicy combination that chaat with icy cold water, try this recipe by Shalini this weekend. If you’re not a chaat person, you should still check out her droolworthy pictures. Chances are you’ll turn into one.

Who: Neha Tambe
What: Quaint Wada
Spicy: Old is gold but when it is time to let go of the old things and make way for new. Read Neha’s poignant narration of an ancestral home that has brought four generations of families together today before it is brought down to be reconstructed.

Who: Deena Pinto
What: Adventurous Time Falling Into The Rabbit Hole
Spicy: If travel is on your mind, you’re longing to pack your bags and head to cooler places and hill stations, consider Coorg. Read Deena’s experience of her stay at Amanvana Resort & Spa. Food, drink, the picture perfect poolside and cozy rooms, find out more about the place.

Who: Shivani Garg
What: Home alone with a baby (Day 1)
Spicy: With a baby to look after for a month with absolutely no support, here is how Shivani sailed through Day 1 of it. Even if the day entailed having lunch at supper time and flushing down her daughter’s favourite teethers. Read on to know more.

Who: Swetha
What: Golden Rain Tree
Spicy: The Cassia Fistula that blooms in this season has a lot of significance in the festival of Vishu. Read Swetha’s poem about the Golden Rain Tree, that is otherwise forgotten but is a symbol of prosperity.

Who: Shailaja
What: Birthday moments, memories and lessons that endure
Spicy: An account of the birthday girl, Shailaja, complete with cake and a powerpoint greeting. But what made it special were the memories, the people involved in it and the lessons of 39 years of existence on this Earth!

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